Phone Emoji Stickers is designed for iPhone and iPad both. It is an application which helps the user to send emoji’s to various other users through iMessage. The different emoji expresses different emotions of people in day to day life. Instead of writing the whole text, the user can simply send a emoji expressing particular emotions. There are six different type of emoji’s in Phone Emoji Stickers which are smiling, crying, surprising and much more. The application is not too big in size and is downloaded from the IOS app store. Moreover, the application has its own features and uses which make it unique from other sticker application.



1) Emojis’s:-

A complicated text can get very hard to understand or what the person at the other end exactly wants to say. So instead of writing “I am happy” or “I am sad”, the user can simply insert the smiling or crying emoji sticker which can express the words into emotions. There are six different stickers by Phone Emoji Stickers application which expresses love, sickness, sadness, soreness, happiness, and excitement.

2) iMessage:-

The application is very easy to download and can be accessed only through iMessage. The user can send these stickers by enabling the Phone Emoji Stickers application in the Manage option of iMessage settings.

3) Add a comment:-

The user can also add a comment with the sticker for more description. The personalized text with an emotion can also be sent to the desired user. This features of Phone Emoji Stickers application is unique and also helps in simplifying the text with an emotion.

4) Drag Emoji:

The stickers can also be used on different occasions and moods. Moreover, the stickers are easily understandable and usable. From the selection area of these stickers, the user can use the drag feature of the application and drag the desired sticker directly to the message window. This feature simplifies the process and eliminates the long texting between users.

5) Cool fun animations:

These six different emoji stickers have their animations which appear to the screen when the user drags it to the message window. The animation is very eye catching and attractive which enhances the user experience of the application. Moreover, these small animations are the charm of the Phone Emoji Stickers application.


1) The application is small in size and does not require much space for storage.

2) The user interface is simple and easy to understand.

3) The easy enabling process of the application in the iMessage window.

4) Attractive animations enhance the user experience.

5) Sticker emoji can be sent with respect to different moods and occasions.

6) Add a personalized text with the emoji for briefing the idea or a thought.

7) The users can play games using the stickers of Phone Sticker Emoji application.


1) There are only six emoji stickers.

2) The users cannot use multiple emoji stickers.

Final Verdict:-

The Phone Emoji Sticker application has a good overall user experience because of its cool, fun design and animation. The application is integrated and requires very less space on the phone. However, the application can have a wider scope in the future with its new updates and features.

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