The Functionality of the Flowkey app

At first, the user needs to understand that there are no cables required while learning or playing this piano. It actually operates by providing the user with real-time feedback on different notes played. This incredible app has adopted a user-friendly approach when it comes to guiding the user through the learning process and in mastering different techniques. This makes the entire process interactive and fun-filled!

Easy to auto-highlight specific keys played

Apparently, there are some notable keys that provide different notes that the user might discover while watching the video tutorial. Interestingly, Flowkey app offers one incredible opportunities to auto-highlight such keys that have been played in the video and refer to them later while learning.

Enjoy high quality sheet music and HD video tutorials

In order to ensure that the notes are well mastered by the user, Flowkey app has integrated high quality features in order to ensure that there is seamless flow of music. This makes it easy for one to identify the key has been played and the note reached. On the other hand, the video tutorials are HD in nature thus ensuring that they offer perfect view to the user while learning.

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Easily loop any part of song

Actually, this is an interesting feature that allows the user to make adjustments to the loop settings and the speed at which the piano is being played. This allows the user to listen to the specific part of the song (the loop) and understand the notes that are being achieved in that section of the song. Later the individual can try to play the piano so as to actually come up with the perfect key that was being played at the loop.

Filter different songs to easily understand them

Flowkey app offers the user with numerous songs of different genres which range from Pop to Classical music. Some songs may be playing at a higher pace thus making it hard to identify different notes being played.

Get realtime feedback from the piano

The app has been designed in a unique manner which makes it resemble a real piano. Meanwhile, there are no cables provided when it comes to playing the piano; actually it offers real-time feedback once the user touches the screen. The response from the keys played is unique and changes depending on their location points of the chords and can be heard well via microphone.


  • Offers a fun-filled experience in learning to play piano
  • Easy to learn and master different features
  • Video tutorials and live performance boost understanding
  • Numerous songs to practice with
  • Easy to create loops and slow down songs


  • Difficult to activate in some devices
  • Slow down in performance due to bugs

Final Verdict

Flowkey app has come out as an amazing tool that offers an amazing interactive piano learning experience to its users. With high quality video tutorials and perfect sheet music, the user finds it easy and fun to understand how the piano operates. With a simple touch on the piano, Flowkey app undertakes an individual to a journey of becoming a pianist superstar!

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