Most of the people are familiar with the Solitaire, popularly known as a game of cards. Some people think that it’s a total waste of time while others spend a lot of time on playing it. Well, it’s quite natural because of the different mentality of people. They do whatever they like. But, there are some real benefits of playing this game. It helps to relax your mind and give it an exercise and sometime boost your self-esteem if played often enough. Now do you like Solitaire? If you do then, you may also like the app which I’m going to review today!

It’s none other than Towers Tripeaks: Classic Pyramid Solitaire game developed by XI-ART Sp.z o.o. This app requires the latest version of the Android Operating System in your Smartphone. Towers TriPeaks Solitaire is your addicting adventure in the classic solitaire world together with your friends. Yes, you can integrate the app with your Facebook id and invite your friends to play with you. You can share your achievements and challenge your friends via that. Every friend can help you with a live (heart) every hour 24/7.

Towers TriPeaks can’t be played alone like other solitaire games because there is a 2 player rule.

The game is very easy to play. You have a deck of 52 shuffled cards and a table with three towers from the deck cards. There are three rounds per game, if you’ve done the first one, you’ll get second, and if you have done both very well, then you can join the Bonus round. You know that in this game, every tournament goes 3 days, but your patience will be rewarded with prizes, fun and challenge. The game is based on both luck as well as a challenge to make a winning. Once you’ll make your first win, it will not only boost your energy, but also your confidence to play in the next round.

The graphics of the game are excellent and has thrilling sound effects. Here no gambling, no real money is involved ,but you can win big prizes. Moreover, you’ll be rewarded for your achievements. You can play bonus rounds if you want to reach to the top of the score table. To boost your score, you can use bonuses. Try to keep the deck as full as possible because every card there is your bonus point. Remember, time is your score points also, so play fast and make combinations quickly and earn points.

Overall, it gives you a relaxing experience if you want a break for some time from your life. This is an addictive ad free game. So no interruptions at all. You can enjoy it freely! The app is available for free on the App Store. Also, you can buy gold or silver pack to boost your experience. Get it now and rock the world!

Pros: super-addictive card game; unique vintage style gameplay; relax your mind; brilliant sound effects and graphics; the intuitive UI; easy yet challenging; free to play; no ads.

 Cons: none.

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