your driving? If you’re already a safe driver, or you think you could improve, TrypScore may be the perfect app for you!

With a mission to improve road safety and reduce casualties, TrypScore rates your driving and gives out free rewards for getting high scores! The app gives you lots of different ways to earn points:

  • By driving safely – Of course. Your driving gets rated based on acceleration, speed, braking, not using your phone while driving among other things. These scores are combined and turned into an overall score. The higher it is, the more points you get!
  • Driving to Pyns – Pyns are physical locations that TrypScore have partnered with. If you drive close to them, you’ll pick up extra points, exclusive discounts and sometimes you’ll even get competition entries!
  • Tryvia – You don’t need to be driving to earn points. If you complete the daily Tryvia challenge with a perfect score, you’ll get points!
  • Weekly Missions – Some of us just don’t drive every day. That doesn’t matter, because you can still earn plenty of points by completing the weekly missions. Even if you work from home, you can grab those rewards!

Points can be redeemed for gift cards and you’ll get discounts, deals and competition entries, too. Safe driving can put you on the leaderboard where you can compete against friends, family, local drivers and others across the world!

The app is totally hands-free with automatic trip start and stop detection. It runs in the background and has a minimal impact on your battery, and the scores you get are never shared with insurance companies, authorities etc. It’s just you, your scores and your rewards!

Download TrypScore today on iOS and Google Play!