Lords’ in London might be termed the home of cricket, but the sport’s heartland is really in India. There is no nation quite so passionate about the sport, and even in these difficult times when it might not be possible to get to a game in person, your trusty smartphone can keep you up to date with all the action.  

There are dozens of apps and websites out there that cover either cricket specifically or sport in general with good cricket coverage, but you can’t clog your phone up with all of them. Here, we have filtered out five of the best that you really need to either install on your phone or bookmark on its browser.  


Let’s start with a great all-rounder, the Ravindra Jadeja of cricket apps, if you will. Cricbuzz has an uncluttered homepage where you can get straight to the important information like the latest scorecards and text commentary of ongoing matches. But it’s backed up by a wealth of more detailed information including an impressive archive of past series, statistics, records, rankings and more. It’s slick and easy to use whether you opt for the mobile app or simply use the website


Placing a bet on the cricket is all part of the fun these days, and with this year’s IPL heading towards its climax, the sportsbooks are busier than ever. It’s a complex world, however, and there are literally scores of platforms out there. That’s why you should bookmark https://sportsbetting.net.in/cricket/ipl-betting/odds/ right away. The site provides no-nonsense advice on the options available, the promotions on offer and, of course, the latest odds on the different teams.  


In the early days on the internet, Cricinfo was the go-to resource for all things cricket. Some people were worried when it was acquired from Wisden by ESPN in 2007, but those concerns proved groundless. The technical infrastructure that ESPN brought to the party made the platform more robust and easier to navigate. Its archive data is second to none, and you can lose yourself for hours poring through the details of past glories. Being part of ESPN also means there are plenty of interviews and video highlights available, too. 

Cricket World 

It might not have the depth of some of the other apps we have mentioned, but if you want to livestream international cricket matches without paying a subscription to one of the major broadcasting networks, Cricket World is a compelling choice. There are also some solid analysis tools thanks to its close ties with one of the major sports betting groups.  

NDTV Cricket App 

If your biggest priority is staying up to date with the latest scores faster than anyone else, then you need the people at NDTV  in your life. The app is simple to use and push notifications will ensure you never miss a moment of the action. Best of all, despite being free, it is not covered in ads, so there are no annoying distractions.