mobile_optimizer_iconMobile Optimizer & Cleaner App: Best In Improving Phone’s Performance and Boosting Memory

Tired of experiencing a slowdown in performance of the phone? This is something that is quite disheartening especially in the case where one might be trying to download some content or even browsing. What could be the problem? Apparently, this case happens when the phone is completely exhausted especially due to insufficient free storage space thus making the CPU to warm pretty fast. In some cases, the problem could be emanating from the existence of unwanted apps which might be occupying space without performing any task.

Interestingly, there is an absolute solution that will completely tackle that situation. The Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app is the perfect tool that will enhance the performance of the phone by freeing up space and creating, enhancing the memory of the phone and even in providing backup to different apps. It is actually the utmost solution when it comes to cleaning up the phone.

This amazing app has been designed and developed by MDroids Apps where it has applied high quality features to ensure that its overall performance is highly boosted. With a top rating of 4.4 stars, the app has received positive reviews with most honest reviewers applauding its high optimizing power that facilitate quick and efficient clean up of the phone.

Compatible Devices for Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app

Clearly, the overall task that is performed by this great tool is overwhelmingly demanding thus a good device can work best for it. For now it is compatible with Android device version 2.3.3 or any latest version available. It is also critical to check on the operating system to ensure that it functions efficiently.

Distinct Features for Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app

Perfect clearance of junk files

It completely gets rid of the entire unwanted files that tend to fill up the storage space for the phone. Once cleared, the phone is freed and performance improved.

Improves game’s performance

Actually, one will notice that once the space has been freed up, this makes it quite easy to launch a particular game and play with absolute ease. The entire performance is highly improved!

Makes battery to last longer

The performance of the battery is highly improved since it is freed from channeling out excessive energy. Thus in turn it tends to perform much better and for a long time.

Guards privacy levels

In order to achieve this process, this great app actually gets rid of the call log, MMS and SMS, Clipboard data and browser history.

Act as App manager

This is a critical feature where this Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app takes the role of getting rid of any unwanted apps and boosts the level of back up.

System Info

This actually includes any vital information that relates to android and its general performance. Information that may be displayed include the overall space freed, the number of active apps among others.

Cools down the CPU

Since the CPU plays a central role in the operation of the phone, when it is cooled down the performance of the phone improves greatly.

Memory Boosting

Once the free up memory has been created, this implies that more storage space will be availed thus making it quite efficient for boosting the overall performance of the phone.

Pros and Cons for the Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app


  • Increased speed in operation of the phone
  • Improved performance
  • Makes gameplay fascinating
  • Boosts the overall performance of the battery
  • Provide backup to data thus making them secure


  • Infrequency in performance due to bugs
  • Takes time in some cases to fully optimize phone fully

Final Verdict

Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner app has clearly proven to be an essential tool of improving the phone’s performance through freeing much occupied space. This makes the phone to remain operation in the best and the most efficient way possible. This great app is worth recommendable. It is ready for download for free at Google Play. Don’t miss to get it today!

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