drone_lander_app_iconIt is notable that there are different adventure-packed games that an individual can come across. However, the experience is always varied especially depending on the overall performance and fun gained from them. Interestingly, for the recently updated Drone Lander game, the experience has been phenomenal and has brought great satisfaction to its players. Most of the positive reviews provided for this fantastic game are based on its high quality game, user-friendly interface and numerous levels worth trying. 

Apparently, this app game focuses on the player trying to make a soft landing on the landing point provided. Once the player has made such an accurate landing, one is able to get rewarded with more bonus gold which is crucial in unlocking new drones. With an amazing aerial view, it is time for the player to take full control of the drone!

The Functionality of the Drone Lander app game

In order to have a fantastic moment playing this user-friendly game, the player is required to possess control skills and remain attentive. This is meant to ensure that once the drone has been launched, it can easily fly and reach precisely the targeted landing point. As the player is landing the drone, there is need to check on the RPM balance to ensure that the stability of the drone is maintained. The player is able to gain bonus gold reward upon targeting the landing point circle with great accuracy. A hint? Making a super fast accurate landing can make one to gain the bonus gold pretty fast!


Compatibility of Drone Lander app game

This fantastic game which comes with high quality features both for performance and display is absolutely compatible with highly defined platforms. Thus, the currently recommended devices are for Android from version 2.3 or any latest one available.

Distinct Features for the Drone Lander game

Obstacles on the way

As the player is enjoying as the drone is flying, there are lots of obstacles on the way that can bring down the drone or make it crash. Thus, it is essential to ensure that they are evaded as soon as they are noticed on the way; this can assure one of the ultimate safe landing for the drone on the targeted point.

Lots of levels to try out

There are numerous challenging levels (over 45 of them) that the player comes across while playing this game. They actually vary from the simple ones at the initial stage to more difficult levels that require input of high skills and experience. Drone Lander game has offered a great user interface to ensure that the player tackles the levels in the best way possible.

Well-designed accurate maps

With the perfect integration of location-based maps, the player will find it quite easy to identify the landing location point. With the consistent guideline provided as the drone flies, it also becomes much easier to get the drone back to the right path in case there is any deviation. Such a perfect coordination makes this Drone Lander game worth playing!

Easy-to-manage control features

Apparently, the player can only make it to the landing point as required only if the control features are efficient and effective to deliver the required response. Drone Lander game has taken into consideration such factor by integrating high quality control features for checking on speed, acceleration, altitude and even for perfect handling and controlling the drone.

Unlock different drones with bonus gold

As a player, there is a chance to gain more bonus gold by landing accurately on the landing point circle. As the bonus gold accumulates during gameplay, this can provide one with a chance of unlocking different powerful and upgraded drones. Interestingly, such unlocked drones have great potential of being more stable and overcoming obstacles on the way!

There are Pros and Cons that have come out from this Drone Lander app game:


· Great selection of amazing drones

· Absolutely addictive game

· The control features are efficient

· Bonus gold rewards brings great motivation

· Great maps for guidance from deviating


· Difficult challenging levels experienced

· Slowdown in performance due to bugs


In summary, Drone Lander app game has taken a unique approach to bring great fascinating experience to its users. With incredible features such as unique maps, wide range of drones and high quality graphics, it is up for the user to display and prove gaming skills. This is by taking control of the game and completing the levels available. This interesting game is currently available at Google Play. Don’t miss out in downloading it today for free!

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