What U See App: Get Real Time Live Broadcast From All Over The World

Ever thought of exploring the entire world in real time? This can sound like imagination that exists only in the mind. Being able to take a look at different fantastic locations globally from anywhere at any time can be indeed great. Surprisingly, this entire experience can now be achieved in a flicker of a second facilitated by What U See app. Having been designed and created to offer live video stream from different location points, What U See app applies modern technology that integrates the use of GPS signals and maps to identify different ‘other eyes’ all over the world and bring such users together to offer real-time active stream.

In order to boost the connection, one is required to activate the video stream and access such locations using the phone camera. Besides, with a chance of sharing archived videos of different locations with friends, What U See app makes the entire experience socially interactive!

How the What U See app operates

As a novice user, one will follow simple steps in order to ultimately create a real time video streaming. The first location is about getting the desired location with the aid of integrated maps. On the surrounding radius of location selected, one can proceed to identify other online users who may be around the location. The app will then start creating connection and then send real-time video stream into the mobile phone camera. As a user, one can request the broadcaster to facilitate the streaming in different angles in order to have a perfect view. Ultimately, the user is offered an opportunity to rate the overall performance from the stream in relation to experience gained!

Compatibility of What U See app

The entire formation of this great app has taken into account the high quality component in order to ensure great output is achieved. This also includes adopting highly defined devices such as iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone in its operation. Meanwhile, the user will also need iOS 8.0 or any latest version available so as to get the best output.

There are distinct features that one can identify in this great What U See app:

Amazing real time exploration

From the wonderful beaches of Bermuda up to the breath-taking historical sites in Morocco, this will not only leave an individual with incessant urge to locate other locations but also enjoy each moment with the app. Besides, with everything happening in real time, an opportunity to view live breaking news will also make the entire experience great!

Live and real time broadcast

Once the user has activated the location services, this can assist in creating a connection after pressing the “Broadcast button”. A stable connection will enhance live video stream broadcasting in an efficient way. Besides, there are blinking arrows that one can follow when adjusting the camera to give different orientations for up and down or right and left. A live chat with broadcasters can also boost the entire experience achieved. Besides, such videos can later be archived for future reference.

Anonymous secure live stream

Apparently, the What U See app has integrated high level of privacy for its users by offering a secure platform that protects their personal identity. With such security measures, live broadcasting can be achieved in a secure way. Meanwhile, the component applied is the anonymous identifier to identify location and user’s score though it is not linked to personal information of the user.

Share and receive likes from archived broadcasts

Once the user has shared different archived videos, the What U See app will indicate the number of likes and views that have been achieved. Features like thumbs up can also be included after watching the archived broadcast to express satisfaction. Besides, additional features have been integrated to allow the user to easily sort and manage different broadcasts in an efficient way.

Acquire scores and get ranked in the community

An opportunity to get a high ranking will be based on how active the user is in live broadcasting, sharing of archived videos and participating in other related activities. There are different rankings that one needs to systematically go through them before being ultimate member with unlimited access to everyone. These include Noob (Entry-level), Watcher, Observer, Scouter, Voyager and ultimately the Explorer!

Check below for the Pros and Cons that have been noted in the What U See app:


  • Great privacy during live stream
  • Performance-oriented app
  • Absolutely convenient; used anywhere, anytime
  • Perfect explorer with fantastic images
  • Facilitate easy sharing of broadcasts with other users


  • Slowdown in performance if not updated
  • Not effective where ‘others eyes’ are not present

Final Verdict

A high quality app with great precision, high quality image content and amazing intuitive nature is the perfect description for the What U See app. It has transcended ordinary-designed applications to offer a unique and realistic experience to its users through availing live video stream in real time. Thus, why not get this top rated app today for absolutely free? It is available for download at App Store. Don’t miss out!

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