eatme_iconEat Me is a very popular game that is supported by many devices that have an android operating system. Eat me is a junglee game that was developed by The Junglee game developers. Its latest version was released on 8th october 2015. Eat me is a game that can be played by any person in the society-both children and adults. Eat Me is also a game that is very attractive to amateur game players and also very suitable for the hardcore game players.

Eat me is a game that has been highly rated by its players because of its unique features and game plan. Eat Me is a game that provides you with Mind blowing experiences as you take part in the frenzy feeding fantasies. Eat Me is a survivor game where it is either you are eaten or you eat other fish. The more you eat the more you become bigger. There is only one strategy in the game to either munch other fish or become their lunch.

You start the game as a very small fish that can only feed on squishy foods like seaweeds. As you continue feeding you will start gaining a lot of weight and that will enable you to start eating other larger fish. As a small fish you should always escape the big fishes that can eat you. You can either hide behind stun bombs or by popping eggs. As you become bigger the game becomes more interesting and addictive. You can improve you appetite by feeding on five different types of fish. You can also split your self to ensure that you are always the strongest predator in the underwater kingdoms. You can always choose from two options when you want to explore the vast underwater experiences. The two game controls are the tap and the joystick. In your underwater adventures you can discover numerous treasures, sunken ships, and remains ancient beasts.

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Eat Me game is also very unique because it can be played by up to 100 players per game. The developer of this amazing game also ensured that the game has very attractive graphics and themes that will always rhyme with the game. Eat me has also been developed in a classic way that ensures that the game does not slow down the operations and functioning of your android device. You can also score more points and compete with other gamers on the Eat me leader board. These scores can be shared via the game’s social sharing plugins. The game also has a very sweet background music that are related to the gameplay.

The new version of Eat Me has removed the bugs that were slowing down the operations of your device. You can download Eat me from Google play at no cost. You will only be required to have a free memory of about 17 MB in your android device. You can also share the experiences of Eat Me with you friends and family through the Facebook plugins. Every person should not hesitate when downloading Eat Me.

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