kvad_iconPictures have been known to induce great fantastic and touching memories of past events. Getting a perfect tool that can help one to perfectly capture such moments in an incredible manner can be worth it! This will not only boost the overall improved quality of the photo but also focus on every detail contained in the picture in a unique way. The interesting thing is that photographers and photo lovers have a reason to completely change the outlook of their photos using the highly designed KVADPhoto+ app from the KVADGroup.

This amazing application offers the user with essential features that will perfectly facilitate image processing in the best quality. Besides, the ability of the user to apply different customized features and tools like filters, enhancements, text tools, effects and frames highly improve the appearance of the photo. With the positive reviews and high rating (4+ stars) received from this app, it is indeed worth trying!

How the KVADPhoto+ app operates

The user will find this app quite user-friendly when it comes to capturing different images. Once the app has been installed into the compatible device, one can get a chance to use different tools and features after capturing the photo. The photos to be used can emanate either from the camera or gallery where they have been stored. Actually, the user will come across transform and adjustment tools which will not only change the orientation of the photo but also make different adjustments in relation to brightness, sharpness, saturation, temperature among others.

Besides, the user can apply different fantastic filters and special effects to boost the photo appearance. With the use of collage, one can create a combination of several photos with incredible frames using the KVADPhoto+ app. This is absolutely one of the easiest and efficient app to use when processing different images.

Compatible Devices for the KVADPhoto+ app

This incredible app has adopted high quality features which make it to operate on strong platform that can perfectly support it. Thus, the recommended mobile devices for this app include the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. On the other hand, the user will require effective operating system for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 in order to boost the overall output of the app. Besides, the combined architecture needed include x64, x86 and ARM.

Below are the fantastic features that one will come across when using the KVADPhoto+ app:

Perfect combination of multiple photos

Interestingly, this great app has integrated collage feature that allows the user to integrate a number of photos to create an amazing combination. Such photos can contain different frames, templates, background and corners that can be easily adjusted to meet the user’s preference. KVADPhoto+ app offers more than 50 different frames (with different background and color) that the user can apply to improve the photo.

Create amazing photo appearance with unique filters

Apparently, there are numerous filters that the user will come across on the KVADPhoto+ app. These are meant to ensure that the entire outlook of the photo comes out classy, elegant and absolutely attractive. Some of the unique filters that have been integrated include ‘Simple Tone’, ‘Cold Stones’, ‘Black and White’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Warm tones’, ‘Art’ and ‘Lomo’. Besides, the app has also integrated filter sketch which artistically transform an image into fine piece of art. It is worth trying!

Fantastic transform and photo adjustment tools

These incredible tools offer the user an amazing opportunity to make different photo changes (especially in relation to alignment) and different adjustments. Actually, the Transform tools support features that involve rotating, cropping, resizing and providing different angular orientation to photos. Additionally, the Magic tools work closely with the Transform ones through providing tilt shifts, Area Auto-levels, Lens Boost( both for linear and circular tilts) and Auto-levels. Meanwhile, adjustment tools allow the user get the preferred brightness, saturation, contrast, color, sharpness and even blur images.

Apply beautiful special effects on images

KVADPhoto+ app offers over 200 special effects that the user can choose from. The effects are meant to give the image a totally different outlook that is absolutely captivating. Some of the incredible special effects that the user will come across include heart, brush, light, fire, watercolor, shadow, noise, frames, fabric, water and scratch. There are much more that one will find absolutely fantastic.

Try out the digital frames to the photos

The frames are known to give the photo an artistically appearance. With KVADPhoto+ app, the user is introduced to different unique digital frames that can be applied on the photo. To make it much better, the frames are perfectly designed and they can relate to different amazing events happening in special yearly occasions. For instance, the available ones include the ‘Christmas Frames’, ‘Valentine’s Day Frames’, ‘Holiday Frames’, and ‘Summer Frames’.

Share the well-processed images with friends!

Once the user has obtained the image from the gallery or the camera and applied different formatting features using KVADPhoto+ app, one can proceed to save the image on the device used. Images can then be shared to friends and family in different social sites. Interestingly, the images can come out in different formats (like bmp, png, tiff and jpeg) and sizes while still maintaining their quality. Besides, the user can create customized labels on the photos containing different messages that can be shared to friends. Clearly, the entire experience with this great app is absolutely fascinating!

New Features?

Some of the new components include new fonts packs, updated user interface, amazing mirror effects, categorized filters, improved collage editor, live tile support and new frames and filters.

Check below for the pros and Cons of the KVADPhoto+ app:


  • Absolutely easy to install and use
  • High quality tools and effects make photo look amazing
  • Makes the photos worth sharing due to great appearance
  • Images can be saved for future reference
  • Fantastic customized features (text labels) make the experience awesome


  • Mild performance if not updated
  • Bug problem makes its operation infrequent

Final Verdict

It is clear that KVADPhoto+ app has proven to be an amazing app when it comes to processing images and completely transforming them into beautiful ones. With the application of filters, effects, digital frames and customized text labels among others, the user will indeed have a fantastic moment with this app. Thus it is worth downloading. Get it today for free and start editing pictures in a unique way!

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