suti_iconDragon Studios has just released a new game by Nguyen Chien. The game is called “Suti” and is currently available for iphone or ipad.

This game is another in a long line of virtual pet games. It features a character that the author of the game has called “Suti”. Suti looks very much like a colored bean. Suti acts in the virtual world much like a dress up doll does in the physical world. The app has many outfits, looks, styles, and colors within the game for the user to try on their new “pet”.

When one downloads and first opens the app the thing that is the most striking is the colors. The designers of this game have made great efforts to make it as bright and as colorful as possible. This will, no doubt appeal to their demographic audience.

The game itself is actually one main game (taking care of Suti) along with several other smaller games. Because taking care of Suti is the main task of the game it is the part that is most developed. As we have previously mentioned, the player can dress and feed Suti along with the other basics of life. In addition the player has the ability to mold Suti’s house environment to meet their tastes. Each room (the bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc…) can be decorated. This, the maker of the game states, can give the child playing the game the opportunity to express themselves and their tastes.

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Along with the main task of caring for Suti, the game comes equipped with a number of basic “mini-games” that would be beneficial in stimulating a child’s mind and teaching some basic things such as colors.


  • The game is colorful and inviting.
  • This game is clean and responds well to the user.
  • The game is engaging for the child and has some variety.
  • The game gives a child the ability to express creativity and practice responsibility.


  • There are paid elements to the game. This is not bad, but it is something we note.
  • Although the Suti character can be changed to look somewhat like a male character (complete with mustache) this game will likely attract mostly young girls as users.
  • There is not a whole lot in this game that is new. Although it is a new character and graphics, the concept has been highly utilized over the years.

In our opinion, Dragon Studios has done an admirable job in putting this game together. Unfortunately, the concept has been recycled a lot over the years. The game itself is engaging, even addictive for the young mind. The smaller games within the Suti game will provide hours of fun. In all, Suti is a good game with solid programming. The combination of colors and sounds will be attractive to the target audience. The contrast between caring for Suti and the mini-games will provide variety. It will, no doubt, keep the fingers and minds of many children occupied for hours, giving their parents a few moments of quiet.

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