whilst_logoWhist-Sound Designer App is designed by Sensimetrics Corporation to help people with sleeping problems. It is built by hearing science researchers and engineers to meet the needs of variety of users. Most people improvise on sleeping by putting soothing background music or using the fan noise. This sound designer app enables the user to create custom sounds that allow them to relax, go to sleep and stay asleep. It provides the user with a variety by allowing the user to create sounds that fit their needs. It enables the user to adjust the rhythm, pitch, and quality of the sound to provide a musical, soothing sound for a deep sleep. The sounds created act as a shield against background noises. Apart from the bedroom it can be used in offices, baby’s nursery, hotel room and any other place where sound sleep is needed.


The app combines many features which include; a timer that sets time for stopping the sounds, an alarm clock that alerts the user to wake up. The alarm clock darkens out to prevent its light from filling the room thus enhancing deep sleep. The clock provided has both analog and digital views. It has an interface that is user friendly to help the user explore options provided. It is customized for pitch, rhythm, quality and tempo. It enables the user to save unlimited variety of personalized sounds created by the user. It can be installed in 4.1 android devices and above.These devices are phones and tablets which enable the user to benefit from the app anywhere. It requires only 5.9 space to install. It can access media, files and photos in the storage. This allows the user to read, edit or remove contents from the USB storage. It enables the user to record audio files using the microphone. It also enables the user to access network and view the connections available. The current version is 1.4 which provides more controls to play, shuffle, repeat and pause the sounds while providing notifications on the screen.


  • It can be used for meditation as a stress remedy.
  • It creates unlimited number of customized sounds.
  • It has flexible controls provided on the interface.
  • It can be used while traveling.
  • It can be used to increase concentration while doing activities like reading.
  • It requires little memory space for installation.
  • The app is available for free download.


  • It Cannot be used with other operating systems like windows.
  • It is not compatible with android devices of a version less than 4.1

Whist- Sound designer app is built by experienced developers and guarantees an excellent experience. The developers provide a product that protects and supports hearing while in need of a calm environment. Unlike other noise apps it does not use recorded loop tracks of crickets, rain and other distracting sounds that hinder sleep. It also enables one to extend the use of their smart phones to ensure good sleep and rest. A healthy sleep enables the human body and mind to relax and be more productive thus there is a need to acquire the app.

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