weather_logoThese days, one can change his phone background to any image available on Earth. With so many choices, it’s hard to decide what to set as the phone’s wallpaper. One thing, however, is clear: regardless of the image one chooses to show up on his background, he should use it in conjunction with the Weatherback Weather Wallpaper app, available on Android devices, to make the most of the Android experience.

The Weatherback Weather Wallpaper app is a dynamic app that acts as an overlay to one’s pre-chosen background. This means that it adds specific effects on top of the image already set as the background. It is dynamic in the sense that the background it displays changes throughout the day. This background does not change randomly, rather it mirrors the weather outside in the area. The app determines the location using the phone’s GPS, and changes the background overlay accordingly, leading to a beautiful and exciting wallpaper.

I’ve been using this app for about a month now, and I have no plans of changing it anytime soon. The first thing I have to say about it is that it is very smooth. I’ve noticed that sometimes dynamic wallpapers cause the screen to lag while swiping between home screens, but this is definitely not the case here. The background overlay also changes seamlessly as the weather outside changes, without lags or errors. For those who desire efficiency and fluidity from their phones, this is perfect.

The effects the app provides to reflect the weather are also wonderful. It makes the background image hazy and fainter to reflect fog, adds little droplets all over the screen to reflect rain, and darkens the background image to reflect night, just to demonstrate some of its amazing features. One can tell the weather instantaneously without having to look outside or read the weather from a different app, simply by glancing at the phone screen. It is this simplicity that makes this app great: it makes accessing important information unbelievably easy.

It is true that to access all of the features one must purchase the pro version, which costs $1.99. However, in my opinion this small payment is completely worth it. With the pro version come even more effects such as thunder, ice, and snow, all of which are important aspects of weather. With these effects, the app can completely display the weather in a comprehensive manner. In the lite version, with only limited effects for only a limited few types of weather situations, the background does not give as clear a depiction of the weather outside. The pro version of the app does this, and it does this very well, making it worth it.

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The bottom line is that this app is wonderful. It clearly allows users to know the weather while also letting them set whatever image they want as their background, giving users the best of both worlds for the two functions. This app works smoothly and gives a refined understanding of the weather in a unique experience that makes looking at the phone’s screen fun.

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