According to many surveys, businesses prefer email personalization over other tactics. Message personalization accounts for more than 25% of companies’ email marketing tactics, followed by mobile-friendly emails (22%), email automation campaigns (20%), subscriber segmentation (19%), dynamic content (9%), and others. Email personalization increases open rates, click-through rates, and sales.

Let’s look at some tried-and-true email personalization strategies to boost your sales in 2022:

Audience Segmentation

It is the first step and the fundamental strategy for personalizing email.

What Are The Various Types Of Segmentation?

Customers are segmented based on age, education, gender, and other factors. Psychographic segmentation entails understanding the psychology of customers and segmenting them accordingly.

Geographic segmentation is primarily segmenting customers based on their geographic location, time zone, preference for a specific product in that region, etc. Customers are segmented based on their behaviour, such as clicking on specific CTAs and links.

Subject Headings

Subject lines are the frontline employees of your email campaign. As is well known, most customers have a short attention span; they make up their minds to read email within a few seconds. Only 35% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line. You can attract many readers, both existing and new customers, through creative subject lines.

Inserting Relevant Images

Graphs, pictorial representations, images, and other visual elements appeal more too written content. Inserting a good image in an email campaign encourages readers to read the content. However, you should include relevant images; an eye candy image that adds no value to the reader is a waste of time for both the marketer and the reader.

Zone of time

Emails sent at the appropriate time zone can significantly increase sales. Because time zones separate the world, a global audience cannot read email simultaneously. Aside from that, each audience in a country prefers to check email at a different time.

Marketing Automation

Your manual process is automated by technology. For example, you might want to send them separate emails after segmenting your customers. Manually sending individual emails could become tedious. Marketing automation automates the process of sending personalized emails to all customers. You benefit because personalized emails result in a stronger connection with customers. And, in most cases, a better connection means a long-term relationship with customers, allowing you to increase sales.

Wrap Up

Personalization of emails has already proven to be a critical strategy for many businesses. And things will be no different in 2022. This year’s challenge is finding new ways to make email personalization interesting so you can generate good sales for your company.