Mobiles are becoming our mini computers. You can use your mobile to do anything and even more than what your table computer can handle. Different mobile app has been published to make it accessible for you to browse and to give you a better experience when using your direct web links. Let me welcome you to the world of mobile APP deep linking.

What is mobile app deep linking?

Mobile app deep linking is a method of launching pages within the native mobile application with the web link. Deep links are simply URL’s for mobile applications used to make communication between the mobile apps easier and more contextual. Mobile deep link involves a URL scheme and then it is followed by the path and then to the particular page and lastly the parameters of that page.

How mobile app deep linking is done?

To be able to use deep link effectively in your mobile, you need to have it installed in your mobile. Here are some of the ways in which you can deep link content with your app.

Using smart app banner: The app banner was first introduced by Apple. It works best on smart phones with iOS 6, and it helps to promote apps on the Apple’s app store. These are done by displaying a banner on the top of the Web sites that is loaded into Safari on the iOS devices. The banner intelligently changes the action of the app if it is already installed on the device. Its immediate action, when you tap the banner, will be to open the app. If the banner is not installed on your machine, when you tap the banner, you will be directed to the app store page so that you can install it. On the Androids, you can use the jQuery plug-in for deep linking.

App link: It is a way of mapping the URLs to the deep links. App link is an open solution for app to app linking, and it was developed by Facebook. It will tell any app that is displaying a link to your device Web site that the corresponding application link is for the same Web content. You do this by adding some Meta tag to your website URL scheme of your device apps. App Links is known to works from app to app, and it does not support the linking from the Web to app.

Twitter cards: You can deep link the Twitter app directly to your relevant content. These can be done by adding the Twitter footer tags to be one of your markups on your web page.

Google app indexing: The app helps Google index websites thus resulting to deep link to your Android app that appear on your Google result search of your mobile research. If the Google app directory is installed on your device, when you tap on your device, it takes you directly to the content within your app.

Why is mobile app deep linking needed?

Mobile deep linking helps you to be able to open an app and at the same time launch a particular app. The deep link app will help you define screens with your app, and such define filters include the homepage, shopping cart, and product page. It gives you the power to link particular web content to your mobile app. It is important for promotional purposes because it helps and allows you and the third party to be able to open the app once the link is clicked. It also helps the marketer to bring the users direct to a particular link using the deep link app thus increasing traffic to the site.

How to improve you’re Deep linking app?

To improve your deep linking app, it is important to check the kind of app that works with your smart device. Check out the latest operating systems that your device is using and install the latest if the one you have is outdated. Check out your share and action extension that you can use to give a direct command to your device. Mix and test all the deep link app and see which one will be the best when it comes to your device.