YouTube is supposed to be the place to go when you want the hottest new videos on the internet – but it does not always give you what you want. There is a lot going on with the website, making it hard to find the best videos.

SWISH Video looks to simplify that. This app takes all of the best, most trending and popular videos from the internet and puts them in one place for you to view. Its goal is to create a personalized video viewing experience where you can have all of your favorite videos at your fingertips.

About SWISH Video

SWISH Video for iOS takes videos from the web and creates personalized playlists. Instead of having you browse through tons of videos to find ones that may appeal to you, its algorithm aims to create a unique video viewing experience.

Videos separate into 12 categories, including:

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Exploration

Simplifying the categories allows you to find videos without having to go through twenty different subcategories. Instead, the algorithm will learn what you like and begin designing a playlist around that.

By learning your viewing habits, the app will slowly begin to give you videos that are best suited for you. The more you watch, the smarter the algorithm becomes. After a few videos, it will develop a basic understanding of you as a viewer and give you videos you will want to see.

When watching the videos, you can share and review the videos to get others involved. This aids in total app engagement, making it possible to browse the app for hours on end.

There is also a reward system. When you do certain things, like a review or share videos, you earn points. Earning points unlocks SWISH “superpowers” that add a level of excitement to the app. You can become a top point-getter amongst your friends and get a little competitive while you watch videos, a unique feature for this type of application.


  • Personalized video playlist
  • Levelling up and point system
  • 360 videos and VR-compatibility (Not yet available for iOS, but they have released it for the Android version so iOS should get it shortly)


  • Algorithm learns quickly and does send out personalized videos
  • Thousands of videos available, and more added often
  • All videos are high quality and interesting
  • The leveling, points, and reward system make it engaging long-term
  • User-friendly design


  • Since it focuses on trending and popular videos, there is no chance of seeing the hidden diamonds in the rough
  • Still a brand new app so features, design are at their earliest stages


This app is barely a week old right now – but that does not mean it is bad. The algorithm learns quickly, the videos are good, and the extra features make it engaging. With the features to come, including the 360 video and VR-compatibility, it is certainly going to get even better. There is already so much right with the app, and it has the potential to become a big hit.

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