your_web_iconMaking money online is both easy and difficult today for so many people, depending up on their skills and knowledge. The problem in finding the perfect place to earn money online is resolved through this wonderful app “Your Web Base – Get Connected”. Your Web base is an app designed specifically to help you make money by playing free games. This app literally help you to win real cash prizes by playing free games and by sharing them. You can also earn rewards when you refer a new app to your friend. As a matter of fact, you can also earn 10% of the winning from anyone on your network.

When you first encounter with the app, it prompts you to setup an account and then you will have to play a game to get started. Sharing games with others will help you earn more and will increase the chance of you getting more money from it. The first game you encounter is a game called 7 Degrees, which is a progressive winner jackpot. The key features in using Your Web base app is that you can play free games that lets you to win real cash. And another wonderful feature of this app is that it lets you to keep all your apps easily in one place and can launch it as per the demand. This is also an app that pay you for using other great apps. You can win rewards every time you refer a friend to a new app. Plus you can earn 10 % of what your friends, referred by you, had earned.

By a suitable distance, It may feel that the concept is impractical and will fade away after some times. But it seems that the app makers are so into this app creation that there is not even a single design flaw and performance is simply incredible. With its android requirement of 4.1 and up, it can be installed on a large number of smart phones, as most of the smart phones are of versions greater than or equal to 4.1.

The grant prize mentioned is not just any grand prize, it is indeed a prize to consider. The grand prize of 7 Degree are Nano Smart Phone Packages. Nano Smart Phones are the worlds smallest smart phones, keeping in mind that it is wearable smart phones that is made from the latest nano technology. It is also rumored to also include a SIMM card, which by them, will work worldwide with no roaming and also said to include a pair of wireless headphones.

As a conclusion, for all those who are looking for a way to earn money online, well you have found that way. As a matter of fact, the Your Web Base – Get Connected app is fairly recommendable, that is because the top prize of Nano Smart Phone Package is a little hard to digest. Performance wise it is excellent. As per the fact, this app is only at its initial stages and hope that it will improve a lot in this foreseeable future.

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