pin_genie_lock_iconThe new lock screen app the PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock is now available on Google play store. This application is able to protect you screen against PIN thieves ensuring your Smartphone’s device safety. In this century, Smartphone device thieves have innovated many ways to steal your device’s PIN and using the content which you have saved on the device for malicious practices that can leave you exposed and embarrassed or even in serious problems. The PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock, fortunately, is able to protect your PIN number in a very powerful way. This newly innovated screen lock app is able to protect your PIN against the many ways Smartphone thieves can use to steal your device’s PIN.

The company responsible for providing us with these screen lock app says that the application uses patent PIN Genie PIN pad design that helps make your PIN secure by the use of just four buttons. The PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock has advanced security measures that further shuffle’s every PIN entry that the Smartphone’s device user makes on their device. The screen lock App is peep-proof against those thieves with wandering eyes. The screen App has the option of locking down the mobile phone device after three failed attempts hence this automatically renders the mobile phone device useless to the thief. Unlike other Screen lock applications out there in the market today the PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock documents all failed to log in attempts sending an email alert automatically to the owner. This lets the owner know if anybody close to them either at work or home is trying to log into their Smartphone device without authorization if the phone is left lying around.

The uniqueness of this application is that it has the capability to provide pop-up alerts of the Smartphone’s intruder’s photo once they log in. The PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock & security also provides for a notification bar which usually allows the Smartphone user to quickly access new application and message notifications on the screen lock app. The screen lock up absolutely delivers what is needed for ensuring the safety of your smartphone together with your personal information and details. The screen lock application is the number one screen protector app in the market at the moment. The application is also very easy for the Smartphone device user to navigate. It comes with the best user interface which is very user-friendly.

The PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock stands out from the rest of the screen locks in the market in that it has no ads that keep on popping up that usually flood other screen locks that really bother the smartphone user. The developers of this application have also added support for more languages in order to help the non-English speaking users of this application to get the maximum from the application. The application supports Spanish, English, and Portuguese languages.

Get the PIN Genie Locker – Screen Lock on Google play store today for free and protect you phone from PIN lock thieves and ensure the safety of your personal information.

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