vyabaar_iconVyapar App: Perfect For Business Accounting, Invoice Reporting and Overall Financial Operations

One crucial thing in any business is the power to have full control of the business operations, isn’t it? Whether it is about managing the inventory, party ledge or other financial statements, this can become a success if essential tools are used. Besides, such an activity becomes quite efficient if the system used is simple and easy to operate. Now, small businesses and individuals have a reason to smile since the introduction of the incredibly amazing Vyapar app. Designed with a business perspective, this app takes into account different financial components of the business. Thus, a businessperson will easily understand the position of business, keep accurate records, send invoices, perform book keeping and even track different balances and follow up unpaid overdue revenue. With a current rating of 4.7 stars after 715 reviews on Google Play, this is a clear indication of how efficient it is!

How the Vyapar app operates

Once the user has installed this app, it becomes quite easy to monitor and manage different accounting and bookkeeping records. It is important to also note that this fantastic app also facilitates quick solving of all financial statements. This implies that the receivables and the payables ultimately match well. Additionally, it offers an amazing platform for monitoring different balances and ensuring different payments are facilitated.

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How about invoices?

The user can now easily send different invoices through email, Whatsapp and even by text messages. Besides, the presence of the reminder feature ensures that the business get paid quickly. In issues related to investment in stock marketing, all the information will be highlighted; this includes the stock value, stock quantity and the individual share value. What a great app it is when it comes to managing a business!

Compatible Devices for Vyapar app

In order to provide a perfect display of different accounting and bookkeeping records, this app will require a strong platform. This clearly implies that the user will be required to possess a highly functional device. The current recommended one is Android 4.0.3 or any latest version.

There are fantastic features that have been integrated in this app. They include the following:

Full control of business accounts data

This is an essential component especially when it comes to managing different areas in a business. Vyapar app has incorporated a platform that efficiently supports different business transactions. Besides, it gives the user the option of creating a backup of files either on the email or phone. Interestingly, it also offers an opportunity to add and make adjustment to items while undertaking different transactions. This saves on time and cost!

Easily share different transactions

Sometimes it becomes quite hard to share invoices and other transactions due to quick accessibility and confidentiality. Interestingly, this amazing app allows the user to send different transactions and reminders through channels such as Whatsapp, text and email. Besides, it also generates reports of transaction in PDF format where they can be sent as required by the other party. The user can also apply different invoice number, TIN number and bill number to make it easy to track different payments and sales transactions.

Accurate reconciliation of financial statements

Apparently, this app aims at helping the business to improve on its performance and reduce risk of making any loss. Thus, it facilitates reconciliation of different company’s transactions. These include bank reconciliation, custom reports, run party statements, cash-in, cash-out, invoice/sale and receipt or bill. It also makes it easy for the business to check on the total quantity of the stock purchased in relation to the one sold. This is meant to ensure that the receivables and payables perfectly offset each other.

Secure data protection

This is a critical feature in any business. There is need to protect the company’s business accounts data from access by the third party or competitors. Thus, confidentiality and security components are paramount. Vyapar app has taken that factor into account by creating and facilitating different passcodes. This ensures that the data can only be accessed by the user alone. To also prevent any loss of data, this app offers backup anytime thus ensuring the safety of all the business records.

Perfect reports generator

The entire performance of the business is always reflected on the reports generated. Accurate and reliable reports are essential in determining and measuring business improvement. Vyapar app has an amazing platform that allows generation of different times of reports for the business. Some of them include Stock reports, Run Party statements, bank statement reports, Profit and Loss statements and other transaction reports. To boost visibility and professional outlook, such reports are also presented in form of PDF format.

New Features?

In the updated version 4.0.3, some of the added features include calculator for transactions, hidden password by default, Profit and Loss report, quick search and overall improvement.

Below are the pros and Cons that one will come across in this app:


• Highly secure business accounts data
• Quick and easy to offset transactions
• High level of efficiency and accuracy
• Easy to share and send different reports
• Professional transaction reports displayed


• Minor bug problem
• Sometimes duplicate items are created

Final Verdict

Vyapar app is typically a versatile and highly reliable app for the business. Designed with great uniqueness, it offers an amazing platform that facilitates quick and efficient generation of balanced reports. Besides, it is secure, business-friendly and well-designed to deliver the best output. Thus, it is highly recommended for the business and individuals who manage their own transactions. Download it today for free from the Google Play and manage the business at exceptionally low cost!

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