Finding rare products has become easy with this The Tracker app

This brilliant app of iOS helps us to find rare demanded products. There are various rare to find products which we cannot find easily but an introduction of this new tracker app paved the way to grab rare products. This app is available at Apple iTunes Store for iOS devices and is available for free download. This app works much better with every result. You must have always wondered to find the rare products in an easy way now this problem is solved by this tracker app. This app is perfect for the shopaholics who love to build up their updates.

We can select our needed products from the list and we will be notified when the desired products are in stock. The tracker app supports various online shopping stores which are listed below:
• Amazon
• Walmart
• Best Buy
• GameStop
• Sam’s club
• Toys-R-Us
• Target
• New egg and much more.

How to use the app

Launch the app and select the desired products you need. Once you select the product it is notified to you when your desired products are available with the retailer. The app sends you a notification about your product. The app is useful in several ways and there also others methods that can be applied to its good use. You can find your extreme rare products with help of this app. I am totally satisfied with this app as I got the all the relevant information and history about my product before possessing it. This app is very simple to use. I just select the products I want and I am notified when my products are available in the online stores.


  • Easy way to find rare products online
  • Various online shopping stores are supported by this app like e Bay, Walmart, Target, Sam’s club etc.
  • Product categories include Nintendo switch, video games, toys, hardware, amiibo, consumer electronics
  • Feature of disabling the notifications as well as enabling the notifications
  • History of the product availability
  • You can find list of available products
  • Reseller tab feature offers you the third party product offerings on market places
  • I4u news tracker app offers you a simplified setup process
  • Search just “i4u” to get the app
  • Freely available on iOS and android
  • Track products in the web version of the tracker
  • Notified you when the popular products drops their prices
  • You can also subscribe consumer electronics
  • Fastest online inventory tracker

This app is a very satisfactory app which is proved to be fastest online inventory tracker. As explained above, you can get extremely rare products from this app. Thousands of customers are benefitted and satisfied from this app. I personally got a safe experience from this app. The ample benefits of the app are just speechless. The notification system of the app will help the user’s shopping experience.  This app is basically designed for the users to find their products within desired time but the only disadvantage of the app is the time element.

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