askerAskers App: Interact and Share Voice Messages From Worldwide Influential personalities

It is apparent that influential people have been known to create a spectacle. This is especially due to their unique achievements which are highly acclaimed. Thus, it becomes the desire of their followers to know them pretty well. Meanwhile, this is well achieved through having an interview with them and asking them questions regarding their achievements and personal lives. It is notable that this opportunity has always been availed to only a few people. 

The good news is that TheAskers Inc. has come up with an amazing Askers app that brings great connection to influential persons in a unique way. It offers an individual a chance to interact with well-known individuals such as celebrities, politicians, industry leaders, sports experts among others. Besides users can get a chance to make some income by sharing the voice answers provided. This is absolutely an app that one can’t miss its experience!

Getting Started with Askers app

Designed with an amazing social platform, this app has proven to be fun and intuitive while using it. It contains a wide range of information relating to different personalities such as celebrities, top chefs, and politicians among others. The user is offered a chance to come up with different questions that can be directed to preferred personalities. Such questions can then be asked at a small charge and the answer provided through a voice recording. Interestingly, the app offers the user a chance to make some earnings from the voice answers given. This is achieved when an individual share such a content with others on the Q&A platform where it can be downloaded. Meanwhile, the content has to be absolutely interesting in nature to get more downloads. A chance to try out this app is worth grabbing!

Compatible Nature of Askers app

For this app to perform efficiently, it requires a well-compatible device that can boost its operations. For now, the user will be required to possess Android 4.0 or any latest available in the market.

The distinct features that can be identified in this app include the following:

Personalized interaction

This social app has been designed to bring phenomenally unique interaction between influential persons and other individuals. This is facilitated with the integration of different categories such as politicians, sports experts, celebrities, authors and other remarkable people around the entire world. The communication is facilitated through questions asked by the users which are directed to such high-profile personalities.

Earn some income

The app not only brings great fun to the user but also offers a chance to earn great income. How is this facilitated? Apparently, once the voice answer has been attained by the user, this can be comfortably shared to the Q&A community. Interestingly, such sharing can make the content to be downloaded by other users. This can offer the user a chance to make a considerable earning. The more the downloads made, the better the income!

Share personal knowledge

It is not always about listening to other people’s story. An individual could have also achieved something great and willing to share such kind of expertise. The Askers app also offers that chance to the willing individuals. This implies that an individual can voice out personalized opinion and gain some audience. When such voice messages are downloaded, one can gain some income from them.

Great user platform

In order for an app to be easy to use and operate, its user interface should be absolutely friendly. Askers app has integrated an intuitive platform that gives the user a pretty easy time. There is quick response when the user ask different questions with regard to different categories of interests. Besides, the platform is well-designed with an attractive theme thus giving a fantastic experience to the user.

Are there some of the Pros and Cons identified from the Askers app? Indeed yes. They include the following:


  • Fast, efficient and easy to use
  • High quality voice messages
  • Amazing and fantastic interactive platform
  • A chance to get some payment
  • A perfect app for sharing knowledge


  • Crashing experience sometimes 
  • Unstable performance due to bugs

Final Verdict

Getting a super awesome app that connects and offers an interactive platform is absolutely amazing. Askers app goes a mile ahead to bring great satisfaction by bring high-profile personalities close to their fans. It absolutely exceeds expectations with its unique design, essential features and seamless functionality. Thus, it is a must-have for knowledge lovers and worth recommending. Get it today on the Google Play for absolutely free and ask the questions!

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