The passionate users did notice few new sensational apps that hit both the App Store and Play Store, so they are bit of trying up to do in terms of latest releases. One that specifically caught among people eye was FreeRange Mobile – Unlimited Call & Text Made Easy developed by Elite Telecom because of the best features.

Free Range Mobile calling app is the only mobile service replacement that expediently provides you unlimited US, Mexico, & Canada Talk and Text for just $5 per month. In addition you also get a real US phone number to make and receive premium-quality calls without the restrictions of app-to-app calling. There are no long-term contracts, annoying ads, videos, or credits to earn. Free Range Mobile works seamlessly with any Wi-Fi and mobile data plan.

The users could also save money on their monthly phone bill. Are users are tired of devoting their time earning credits on other “Free” calling apps? Also need to break free from the limitations of dedicated app-to-app calls, country restrictions, and expensive international rates that even the most popular apps impose? Then zeal users can try this app in more effective manner. There is quality feature of Inexpensive 2nd phone line to make and receive calls. So download Free Range Mobile today & make calls right away with a free trial with no commitments or credit card required. This app is more popular for their best aspects of WiFi Calling, Calling App, Phone Calls, 2nd line.

The users can also stay connected with this app. Free Range mobile seamlessly switches between Wi-Fi and mobile data, eliminating dropped calls and minimizing mobile data usage. The inexpensive plans also give you the freedom to stay connected longer and communicate as often as user’s desire and wish.

Key Features of Free Range Mobile calling app

  • You can enjoy Unlimited talk and text for the United States and Canada during the Free trial
  • Large Plan includes Unlimited talk for the United States, Mexico and Canada and Unlimited text for the United States and Canada
  • X-Large Plan comprises all the key features of the Large Plan PLUS unlimited minutes to 80+ countries such as India, UK, China, Israel, South Korea, Poland, Germany, Columbia and Russia, AND unprecedented minutes to the rest of the world.
  • The users can get a dedicated US phone number & keep it as long as you want with any subscription plan
  • There are no annoying ads, videos, or credits to earn
  • You could call any landline or mobile phone number
  • App-to-app calling and messaging with any desired plan
  • Availability of Cost-effective alternative to landline phones and mobile subscriptions
  • Exclusive Unsurpassed premium call quality
  • Facile, Easy sign-up and subscription process
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Comprises friendly accessible customer support

Practical ways to use Free Range Mobile calling app:

  • The users can own an inexpensive second phone line for business communications
  • You could make and receive calls while you are travelling abroad
  • The users can keep their business and personal communications separate
  • Able to Secure a private line for family use (seniors, kids, dating)
  • You could turn old, unused smart devices into an affordable communication solution
  • You can enjoy Sensible communication choice for young children or teens without adding to the price of a hefty phone bill
  • Easy budget to add plans/devices without concerns of a binding contract or surprise fees
  • You can always get stay connected to relatives and friends abroad that have access to only landlines

In conclusion I strongly suggest giving Free Range Mobile – Unlimited Call & Text Made Easy Android app developed by Elite Telecom a try if you are in the passionate mood for a special calling app this weekend with a good emphasis on unique features.