areyouin_iconEvent planning can be a hustle these days due to the busy lives that most people lead. Sending out paper invites is growing inefficient by the day because the chances of the invites getting to the recipient in time are usually slim. Luckily, there is a solution to this small issue, The AreYouIn iPhone app.

It is an event planner social app that helps you organize your important events like; nights out, soccer games together with your friends, weddings, birthday parties or any custom event. Enough of the common, “Sorry! I didn’t get the invite in time.” type of excuses. The app enables you to send invites in an instant and get swift responses so that you can come up with a flexible and sure- to -attend guest list.

Sending the invites has never been easier, it’s like drinking a cup of cold water on a hot sunny afternoon. All you have to do is begin by selecting a category for your event. There are several predefined events like; wedding, movie, poker, soccer or yoga. That doesn’t mean that the app confines you to these categories because there is an option for you to enter your very own event type or category. Then after choosing the category, you have to title your event, for Example, “Maggie’s Wedding” which will naturally fall under the wedding category. Thereafter, the app lets you define the number of invites you want to be sent out in case you desire to limit the attendance to a manageable number. Once you’ve covered those three very easy steps, sit back and relax, let the app do the rest by sending the invites and returning prompt responses.

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AreYouIn is an inventive and fun occasion planning instrument that gives you a chance to compose events in major gatherings of individuals. One cool feature about the app is the fact that you can limit the number of people to attend your event by setting a limit to the number of “Attending” confirmations. This simply means you can send an invite to a hundred of you friends and family but set the limit to sixty attending, and therefore, as soon as the number of confirmed “Attending” responses reaches your limit (Sixty) the event status changes from welcome to closed for the other forty late responders. This basically means that the app works on the principle of “First come, First have.”

Now you no longer have to worry about making last minute preparations for your events because of the app’s speedy responses to invites and attendance limits. One more amazing feature is the app’s ability to map the event using Google Maps in which your friend and family can use to navigate to the venue of your event. Once all the responses have been received only the event manager can give the event a go-ahead, so you don’t have to take shot in the dark hoping to shoot down the golden goose by planning a grand event only to suffer the disappointment of lame excuses of why your invitees failed to make it to your event.

AreYouIn app developers say that the current version is just the beginning of a stream of awesome feature additions and improvements all tailored to make event planning easy and fun for you.

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