We all know that the social media sites have almost all the stuff which are necessary for us and which are not necessary and you don’t want to see them all. Rather, you want to see the stuff which is relevant to you on your personal account. I’m not saying about other people because everyone has a different taste. I just want to get the relevant things on my social media Id so that I can read that and not miss a single story that is meant for me. Taking as an example- I use Twitter account for my Business and I want to discover the relevant tweets on this social media. But, I am not able to read those tweets because there are so many tweets on the app and this may be a difficult task to search the relevant tweets. Generally, this requires a lot of efforts to do and you can’t spend so much time on Twitter. So what should we do to get the Tweets that are important to us?

MyTweetAlerts is the ultimate solution for this problem where you’ll discover the Tweets relevant to you and it becomes very easy with this web application. The app does everything for you and helps you save countless hours. Whenever your customers, clients or anyone talk about your business or agency, etc. and Tweet, then you’ll get alerts if you wish to! Let me tell you how! You need to customize the notification settings on your Twitter Account. You make the rules, tell us the tweets you want to find, by using a wide range of possible options, such as using keywords that match your business, users tweeting from certain locations, tweets linking to your website, and much more. MyTweetAlerts is a smart and sophisticated platform that is user-friendly and very well designed.

With MyTweetAlerts, you can create your own Twitter Email Alerts using its custom management tool. You can choose where, when, and how often you receive the alerts. You can get alerts on the Email and Real-time alerts as well. This saves you countless hours spent on the Twitter. There is an easy-to-use tweet alert Dashboard where you can create new alerts or modify existing alerts. You’ll see all the Tweets that are relevant to you at a place without searching for here and there.
When the app finds tweets that match your requirement, it will send you an email to always keep you notified whether you choose to receive real-time, daily or weekly updates. Then, you can view and act on the matched tweets on your schedule. MyTweetAlerts saves your tweet alert history, allowing you to view and act on those significant tweets when and where it’s convenient for you. In this way, you’ll be able to see those tweets which are relevant for you. You can SignUp for free on the website and subscribe for more features if you want to!

Overall, this app will always keep you informed and prepared for any situation. Its worth for you. Try it now!

Pros: find relevant tweets for you; send Email alerts; saves time and efforts; easy to use application; all in one Dashboard; user-friendly interface; free to use. 

Cons: none.

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