grand_app_iconGetting an incredible opportunity to prove exceptional gaming skills is worth taking! This is especially in the game that involves cards which needs one to be well skilled with a backup experience in order to come out successful. It has never been easy as the opponent is also ready to knock one out of the game thus concentration, accuracy and mastery are paramount. This amazing experience is what the Grand Gin Rummy game from GameDuell GmbH is bringing to its players. With the adaptation of the grand hotel of the Golden Twenties, the players are introduced to the classic 1920s five-star atmosphere. This not only creates a perfect ground for playing but also induces a relaxing environment for the game. Furthermore, it brings out the community of players where they unleash their skills to see who ultimately tops the leaderboard. It is absolutely an experience one can’t miss!

How to Play the Grand Gin Rummy game

This is a game that is pretty easy to play though it comes along with a challenging experience. For a beginner, one will be introduced to the Practice Mode that teaches the player basic techniques applied in the game. This great game also contains three other modes; the Classic, Oklahoma and Quick modes which introduces unique experience to the user.The cards in all game modes are the same.  At the end of the game, the player stands a chance of winning or losing to the opponent;

Compatibility of Grand Gin Rummy app game

The user will discover that the entire formulation for this app has taken into account high quality features especially in performance and colorful display. This clearly indicates that a top notch device can perfectly work out for this app. Such devices include iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Meanwhile, the user will need to have integrated iOS 7.0 or any new available to get the best output.

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Features Included

The user will identify the following unique features in this great Grand Gin Rummy app game:

Multiple modes to play

The game comes with four unique modes that the player can perfectly engage in them and prove great skills. At first, the player can try out the Practice Mode to get acquainted to the game before proceeding to other three which include Classic, Oklahoma and Quick mode.

Share and compete with friends

To make it more engaging and fun, Grand Gin Rummy app game enables the player to invite different friends through social media (for instance Facebook) to compete. This can help to determine one’s prowess by performance being reflected on the leaderboard. Take up the challenge and win in-game gifts!

Don’t miss the daily bonus

It is clear that this amazing game is committed to reward the continuous efforts of the game players. One is capable of winning bonus rewards on daily basis which are represented in form of free chips. Play more, get more!

Play anytime, anywhere

The ability of this great game to facilitate both offline and online gameplay makes it absolutely convenient for the player. This clearly implies that one can comfortably play at any geographic location without the need to connect to internet. On the other hand, online features especially for upgrading will require internet connection.

Enthusiastic community of players

Such an amazing community gives the player a great opportunity to sharpen skills by learning new techniques in the game of cards that are exhibited. Besides, the player can select a game mode and compete with other passionate players in the community.

Beautifully designed graphics

This is actually represented by the classic appearance of the grand hotel of the Golden Twenties which tends to create an amazing atmosphere for the gameplay. Besides, the cards are beautifully designed in relation to the mode of the game that they represent.

New features?

This version 1.1.6 comes along with additional features like custom cards, double up, new Oklahoma stars and special offers. Besides, users can get additional features at a cost range of $0.99 to $79.99.

Check below for the Pros and Cons of Grand Gin Rummy app game:


  • Different modes of gameplay bring unique experience
  • Comes with great convenience of being played offline and online
  • A chance to join a community and share skills
  • Captivating graphic design makes the game classic
  • Getting the bonuses makes the game worth playing


  • Quite challenging for novice players
  • Mild performance experience when not updated

Final Verdict

It is evidently clear that Grand Gin Rummy app game is an exceptional fun-filled game that comes with a challenging experience worth taking. Having been recently updated (on 29th June, 2016), this great game has exhibited incomparable performance when it comes to classic card game. This makes it a perfect choice for any ardent game player ready to try it out. It is ready for download for free at the App Store. It is time to prove the card game skills!

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