color_cube_iconA new puzzler with a unique experience clearly implies that the player should absolutely expect a great challenge. Apparently, Next Apps BVBA developers have come up with an exciting puzzler known as Colorcube app that is quite mind-blowing. Having been designed to give users a continuous experience, this great game comes along with over 200 unique levels to be solved. Ready to take up the challenge? This is pretty simple! It is about turning pieces of colors to ultimately get a perfect blend that resembles the given object formed. Generally, the app is perfectly designed with an amazing theme, unique color schemes and fantastic sound track. It is time to get into the game and apply skills and experience on the game!

How to operate the Colorcube app game

Apparently, this game is quite fascinating to play and the user will have a great moment playing it. Despite the numerous challenging levels available, the game offers an effective platform that can highly assist in making the entire experience amazing. The main aim of the game is to test the skills of the player in creating same replica objects at a given time. The player is required to turn different pieces till they form resembling objects. The combination of colors is quite visible thus making one to have an easy time during the game play.

Suitable Devices for the Colorcube app

This amazing app has displayed exceptional capabilities which make it to efficiently perform well on devices exhibiting great quality. Some of the compatible devices for this app include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. When it comes to the operating system, the user is required to possess iOS 9.0 or any new version available. 

Some of the features that one will come across in this app include:

Numerous challenging levels

With over 200 levels that the player needs to solve, this is a clear indication that the game offers a great challenging experience. Clearance of a particular level makes the player to graduate to more competitive levels. A great boost of skills will work well for the player.

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Unique color schemes

Apparently, this game has adopted a unique combination of color schemes which makes it to appear quite attractive. The beautifully designed theme clearly proves its highly-defined features. The user also gets a chance to change the themes according to the preference needed.

Great background music

A game that comes along with an entertaining experience clearly indicates that the user will have a fun-filled moment. Colorcube app has incorporated an amazing soundtrack that is well-tailored to the game. This implies that the user should expect a lively session during the gameplay.

Amazing and captivating design

The overall design applied in this unique app game is quite satisfactory. From the high quality themes up to different combined color schemes gives an attractive outlook. Besides, the user-interface is pretty simple to operate thus making the game much easier to play.

Varied languages for users

In order to make this app easily accessible to many users, it has been made available in many languages. For instance, one access it in Hindi, Vietnamese, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, English, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, Finish, Danish, Arabic, Hungarian, Spanish, Malay, Romanian, Polish, Bokmål, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Hebrew and Greek.

Here are some of the pros and cons the gameplayer will come across:


  • Amazing challenging experience
  • Great combination of colors
  • Entertaining background music
  • The game is lively due to many levels available
  • Easy to setup and operate


  • Small time limit to clear a level; makes it challenging
  • Infrequent in performance


It is evident that this version 1.0 Colorcube app has been designed in a manner that it is just incomparable when it comes to performance. This top rated app (rated at 4+) has taken into account essential details and features to ensure that the users get the utmost satisfaction during the gameplay. Thus, it is a game worth recommending. Get it now from the App Store and let’s solve the puzzle!

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