younity_iconYounity an iPhone application enables one to access files from a PC hard drive through an iPad or an iPhone.What is needed is for one to install this application on a Mac or Windows machine. The younity app will then be able to scan and access all the files on that computer, for example, the video files, photos, music emails, etc.With that said, below are features of younity iPhone application.

Stream media

The first characteristic of this app is that it enables one to stream easily any movie, video or entire music collection from their computer to an iPad.Also, with this application one can stream their favorite music to Bluetooth speaker or car radio. The application also enables one to access photos stored on their computers in case they would want to view them, share them or even post them on social media.

Share files and content

Another feature of younity application is that it makes it easier for one to share with their friends the files, photo albums or music albums that are on their computers. Also, one can send private messages or chat with their friends about what they would be sharing.

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Post to social media

The application also makes it easier for one to post photos from their computer directly to their social media account, and this may include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.As if that is not enough for this application, it easy to save photos from a computer to an iOS camera roll.

Apple pictures and Adobe Lightroom integration

One can also access the iphoto or apple photo libraries from their computers with the help of this application. Thus, they can be able to share these pictures or an entire album with their friends.

Accessing of files

Younity iPhone app makes it simple for one to merge their iTunes library and account for easier access. Also, with this application, it is easier for one to view their files on their computers on an ios device. More to that the application enables to one to access their online services all in one place, this may include access to a Dropbox account, one drive, or Google Drive account also one can print documents or photos from various printers through a WIFI or an AirPrint.


Share anything : The younity application enables one to share anything of any size with their friends, whether it’s a video or a killer playlist.

Easy access to files : With this application, one can easily access files from their computer to an iPhone.

Easy streaming : The application provides an easy streaming of music or video files from a computer to a Smartphone.


The Computer must be on

One drawback with this application is that one needs to have their computer on when using it to download files.

In conclusion Contrary to other mainstream cloud services, Younity application provides one with more flexibility as it makes it easier for one to browse the files that they need while on the go, as the application cannot delete or move the files that are on the computer.

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