time_drop_iconIn the app store of Itunes, the games section is filled with numerous applications that one just cannot choose from. With so many options, users usually prefer two to three game applications that they frequently use. One such application is the Time drop application. It is an amazing and fun filled gaming app especially for those users who are addicted to puzzle games. Compatible with iphone, ipad and iPod Touch this game is available on most apple devices. For those who think puzzle games are mindless and just for kids are wrong! Puzzle games are really helpful when it comes to developing intellect.

Available in three languages, English, Spanish and German, in this application , you have to solve hundred different and challenging levels in a given time limit by matching paint drops of the same colors. Jean Louis and his cat Betsy are on an adventure from the start of time, i.e. the big bang to the future. Colorful and addictive, definitely the qualities of a good puzzle game.

This game can be very helpful to kids who could strengthen their brain through the puzzles. Also a great way for parents to interact with the child by the help of mind boggling puzzles. It starts with the simple level in which users will have to match paint drops of more than 2 by travelling through the time. Go along the colorful, beautiful journey of time travel on your apple gadgets and simply get addicted to them. Users will also meet various kind of hurdles in their coming levels as rock, water and oil spills can create trouble in solving puzzle. These hurdles make the puzzles even more challenging hence intriguing the players even more.

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However, users will have to collect paint cans in order to move towards next level. All the levels will be completed for the era to go “back to the future” and into the present. Furthermore, the newer version has even more levels, one can simply just not get tired of this puzzle! The mystery missions incorporated within the puzzles make this application even more entertaining. This Time drop iphone app will surely give you an amusing and challenging experience as journeys of all levels will pass through limited given time.

Features of Time-Drop App:

  • Time-Drop app contains colorful and amazing images
  • 6 lives are available
  • You can refill your lives with the help of coins
  • Unlimited lives are also accessible by coins
  • More than 100 levels are available
  • Exciting animatronics for each and every era
  • Earn coins in every level
  • Collect Coins as much as you want
  • You can shop coins free of in U$
  • Users can pause and resume from the levels they left.
  • Save and easily play
  • Fast and fun filled app


  • Most entertaining
  • Amazing color matching puzzles
  • Animatic
  • Addictive for all puzzle lovers
  • Challenging
  • The challenges build through slowly hence from kids to adults, everyone can enjoy as the levels harden.
  • Uniquely built around the concept of time travel
  • Good way to connect the phases of time


  • Very addictive!
  • Not available on the iMac
  • Do not have comprehensive details in the app
  • Tricky
  • Common gaming app, as we have several puzzle app like this eg: candy crush

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