gameon_appiconAre you another sports fanatic? Do you like to share what happened in your favorite sports today with the whole world? Do you have this dedication towards your favorite sports that you want to pay homage to it by showing game’s highlights to everyone? Then, all you need is to install this app on your Apple gadget named GameOn by Korrio.

The app has some very attractive features that will meet all of your sports fan fantasies. It is common to share the daily sport’s updates, highlights, and pictures on your social network with the family and friends, but what about having your own social or family network on your iPhone and that will be specifically for the sports? That sounds pretty unbelievable and hilarious for sure. The Korrio’s app GameOn enables you to create your own sports network and you can add any of your friends, family or colleagues in it.

The app lets you to generate the customized channels according to the team name, sports type, as per your favorite players, sports season, etc. This seems kind of astounding that any application is offering you that much for your love of sports. The great thing about this app is this you can add up the event within few seconds instead of waiting to get it upload after hours. Not only that, this app also gives you the feature to enjoy the magnificent moments of the sports by playing them again in your GameOn app.

The additional features of GameOn app are:

– You can summarize the memorable moments and save them for the future.

– Your followers can also check out that how their beloved player has played in any game.

– If you are a parent with a hectic schedule, then this app is just for you.

– You can enjoy the game afterwards.

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Along with that you can add all of your followers in this app and get linked up with your fans as well. The app is supported with iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone quite well. It is available in English language and you need iOS 8.1 to download it in your smart gadget.

The Korrio has developed the GameOn by keeping in mind that how a sports lover could get benefited from it. The layout is very user friendly and you never feel lost while using it. The great thing about this app is that it can be downloaded for free at iTunes and you do not have to be worried about paying anything. Currently, there is only Version 1.0 is accessible.

GameOn is predicted to be the most demanding sports app on iTunes very soon as it seems like the best application for the sports freaks. It is easy to use, it connects you with your brother, friends, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, partner, etc and allow you to have fun even when all of you are not present at one place together. So, without any delay, install this app from your iTunes right now and start building your sports channels today!

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