bid_quote_logoAs a freelancer or online business contractor, it is apparent that most money transactions take place on the online platform. Thus, getting a chance to come up with quick and efficient bids can be quite satisfying. Through sending the created bids, payment can be easily facilitated from the earnings gained from completed projects. Now, there is no need to worry anymore. Since the introduction of BidQuote, it has become quite easy to follow up different bids and quickly get paid. Surprisingly, this webapp has an amazing user-friendly platform with essential features that make the entire process much simpler. Each component is well represented in an all-in-one making this app one of the most flexible for managing bids. Thus, this is truly a must-have webapp that gives the user great satisfaction and exceeds expectations in a unique way.

The Operation of BidQuote webapp

The entire formulation of this incredible webapp makes it simple to operate and understand. First, the user interface is absolutely intuitive and makes creation of bids hassle-free. Actually, BidQuote tends to reduce greatly the load that was being created by paper bid forms, accounting software and excel sheets. Interestingly, the bids created by this app appear quite professional and the user can easily customize them to meet the intended needs. 

Sometimes tracking the bids can be quite hard, right? With BidQuote, this process is made quite easy and in a detailed manner. Besides, this amazing webapp comes with real-time notification with regard to different bids thus keeping an individual updated. Truly, the overall performance of BidQuote is phenomenal and satisfying. It is time to get payment pretty fast and smile all the way to the bank!

Compatible Devices for BidQuote

It is important to understand that this high quality webapp is highly designed to work efficiently with a well-compatible device. This is for the purpose of improving its performance and its continuous functionality. Currently, it is compatible with PC and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Meanwhile, such devices should display great capability to boost its output.


Here are the essential features that this easy-to-use webapp presents to its user. Check them below:

Get quick bid notifications

Nothing pleases a freelancer or a business contractor when quickly notified on follow-ups of the bid. This is a clear indication that the transaction process is efficient and undertaken in an intuitive manner. Apparently, BidQuote has been designed in a unique way in which an individual can receive notifications in relation to ongoing bids. Whether it is about the bids being opened by clients or payment being facilitated, this webapp takes everything into account through the alerts issued. No worries at all!

Create Professional-looking customized bids

Designed with the aim of enhancing business transaction, it is clear that the bids generated by this webapp should display a professional look. As a user, it is notable that a lot of time is saved using this app. This is contrary to the time that one can spend on worksheets, paper bid forms or in an accounting software. The entire process is quick and easy to undertake. Highly customized features can be applied by an individual on the bids to suit personal preferences. Another thing to note? It takes less than two minutes before the created bid is accessed via the email. Truly, this is quite impressive!

Enjoy Faster Payments on online platform

Tired of waiting for long for payment? This can be quite disappointing especially if the money is on high demand for use. Now, there is no need to undergo such inconveniences or any process that consumes time when processing invoices. BidQuote is designed to make life much easier and enjoyable. This is by facilitating quick online payments thus offering great satisfaction to the user. Besides, different follow-ups have made it pretty easy to manage different bids and thus get assurance of collecting different payments on time.

Easily track potential future earnings

One of the challenging aspects in a business is the ability to project future earnings especially in relation to projected sales. In some cases, it becomes quite hard to track the bids and come up with an accurate figure of their expected earnings. With BidQuote, this should now be a past issue to deal with. Through its efficient tracking of the bids, it becomes quite simple to identify the pending bids and accurately project the expected income to gain from them. This can indeed make the running and management of the business quite easy. Besides, a great peace of mind is assured!

Quickly identify revised and overdue bids

There are some of the bids which could have been revised or payment not issued yet. Going through past records to identify them can be time consuming. Besides, it might even be hard to fully locate all of them. This might not work pretty well for the business in relation to overall earnings. Which is the solution? Get BidQuote today and expect a joyride experience! It perfectly tracks all the revised bids and those still overdue and presents the information in a simple-to-understand manner. No hassles at all!

Meanwhile, here are the Pros and Cons that are evidently displayed by this webapp:


  • Amazing all-in-one user interface; easy to use
  • Highly customized professional-looking bids created
  • Instant notifications with regards to bids status
  • Payments can now be quickly enhanced
  • Easy to manage and monitor bids; both past and present


  • Not effective if not well integrated with mode of payments
  • Possible crashing; requires constant update

Final Verdict

Truly, the ultimate solution for managing bids and getting payment has been presented BidQuote. It gives the user the power to develop unique bids, send them and get paid faster from different online projects. Its ability to keep track of overdue bids and projected bid income makes it exceptional. Besides, the user can expect to have an easy time on its great and simple-to-use platform. What a great webapp it is! It is absolutely worth recommending. Users can now enjoy a free trial for 15 days and subscribe to its unlimited use for only $25 per month. This is an essential tool worth having. It is currently available for download at Get started now!

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