Flaap.IO is a new game released in Google Playstore featuring online gameplay.

What’s It About?

Flaap.IO is basically a physics/gravity based flapping bird game where the player has to:

  1. a) Keep the bird alight
  2. b) Ensure that the bird does not touch the pipes

The game IO is very simple, you need to tap the screen to make the bird flap its wing once. Doing so will make the bird fly a certain distance and will fall down immediately. The user needs to time their tap on the screen to ensure that the bird does not loose flight at the same time does not crash on the pipes. Once you crash, you need to wait for a few seconds for the bird to re spawn and get synced with the other online players.If you are not patient enough to wait you can look at an ad to reduce the re spawning time. As you go ahead in the game, the speed at which the bird flies increases making the game more challenging. This increases the level of the bird which also changes the way the bird flies. In simple words it gets crazy as the level goes up.

What’s Different in Flaap.IO?

Unlike other Arcade bird games, Flaap.IO is an online game where you can challenge online players in real time. The game continuously shows shadow images of the other online player’s bird in our screen showing their progress. The window also has a real time online scoreboard which keeps updating. In addition you can also create separate game rooms where you can invite your friends to play against you. Since it is an online game you have provision to share your scores and leader boards with your friends.

How does it look?

The game has decent graphics with vibrant colors & sound. The pipes resemble the kind we have seen for many years in the Mario games. The game starts with a black loading screen when the phone connects with the server and syncs with the other players which is a little confusing.


  • It is an arcade game which can be played online with your friends.
  • The game has a very addicting and challenging game play.
  • The game allows you to create separate game room where you can invite your friends and challenge them.
  • Free to download from Playstore.


  • The game takes some time to connect to the server and sync with other players.
  • The black screen in the beginning of the game can easily be confused with the app being.
  • Since it is an online game, it takes some time for the app to sync and re spawn every time we get out.
  • Need to be Flapp.io ONLINE to play the game.
  • Has some ad’s occasionally.


Flaap.IO is an intuitive game and can get you addicted very quickly. Adding to the fact that it is an online game makes it even more engaging. Would have been even better if the occasional black screens are avoided. In whole it is a worthy game to spend time playing against your friends.

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