Guest blogs are extremely research-intensive, wholly value-added, and hyper-focused on a specific domain. It is written by industry experts who have accurate and up-to-date information about their field of work. Finally, the target audience for guest posts is also narrow, consisting of those who want to learn more about a specific company’s offerings.

Guest Blogging Statistics That You Must Know

According to reliable sources, nearly 100 guest blogs are published on nearly 3% of all online blogs each month. A good guest blog should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long. These blogs are jam-packed with strategically placed keywords and one-of-a-kind content. There are two things that guest blogging has a direct impact on brand authority and domain authority.

It is illustrated that brand authority is a term used to describe a company’s market position. Increasing brand authority implies that you are attempting to establish yourself as an industry expert. Increasing domain authority, on the other hand, increases your chances of ranking high on SERPs.

Primarily when it comes to guest blogging, SEO experts must recognize that it is not the same as writing articles and blogs for a website. Guest blogs must be supported by a strategy, a purpose, and an objective. Guest blogs cannot drive domain or brand authority unless they have clear goals and objectives. To maximize guest blogging results, use the right backlinks, and keywords that generate leads, and incorporate field-specific information.

Increase Brand Awareness

Guest blogging is an important expedient way to raise brand awareness. Businesses can improve their market standing and exposure by providing pragmatic, research-backed, and state-linked data to their target audience. Guest blogs are published on various platforms and include posts from industry experts on a variety of topics. Using this tool can be a game-changing initiative for any company looking to make a name for itself on digital platforms.

Utilize guest blogging opportunities to attract niche customer groups and inform them about your company’s mission, offerings, and positive impact.

Other advantages of guest blogging for driving traffic and increasing brand authority include:

  • Network enlargement
  • Increase your social media following.
  • Raising brand awareness and exposure
  • Increase conversion rate Lead generation of high quality

Offers Immediate Exposure to Targeted Traffic

Guest posts, whether linked to a company’s website or not, can be the pinnacle of increasing brand exposure and traction. Guest blogs are an easy way to engage customers and pique their interest in learning more.

A great guest post can drive customer traffic, and once that happens, there’s no turning back. Once you’ve mastered the art of using guest blogging as a content strategy, you’ll be able to optimize landing pages and CTAs to entice the right audience. This ultimately plays a critical role in increasing conversion rates.

Final Wrap Up

Because of the growing popularity of Guest Blogging Services, more than 76 per cent of writers and editors intend to publish at least five guest posts per month. It means that now is the time to start strategizing guest blog plans, as competition is expected to heat up in the coming years.