Sometime, you find your phone ringing with an unknown number. To some people, knowing who is calling is a priority, failure to which they won’t pick that call. Today, the Hello — Caller ID & Blocking app is all you need to know information the new number, and you may block any unwarranted calls. Besides, this new app helps users to search people and other places on Facebook.

One of the greatest advantages of installing the Hello — Caller ID & Blocking on your Android device is the fact that it allows the user to communicate with others for freeby using the Messenger.

This app automatically blocks numbers blocked by many phone users. It detects this and prevents calling into your device.


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If you are using a certain app that requires you to search for other people and places on Facebook, but you do not want to exit the window, this can be done by using the Hello — Caller ID & Blocking app.

The Hello — Caller ID & Blocking allow the user to open any of the profile and pages on Facebook contacts and get the details you want with a single tap. It is much easier than navigating back and getting many clicks. When you have stored the contacts on your phone, this app will allow you to add, edit the contacts and call. It is the same as the normal app on your phone that allows easy usage. Besides, it allows edit to include the latest pictures.

Every person wants to save money sending texts. One app that allows your android device is the Hello — Caller ID & Blocking app that makes it free to send messages to your contacts.

The bottom-line

The Hello — Caller ID & Blocking is the ideal app that shows who is calling, block the annoying numbers, send free messages and mine information from your Facebook profile. Today, the app has undergone a transformation to improve the bugs that made its usage harder.

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