Whenever you have a team that is not very task coordinated, either you sit them down a few times a week to sort out tasks or you let your project miss its deadline. Luckily for you, Clockodo prevents this as it is a online time tracking tool that allows you to sort out time for each task within team members and co-workers. In an interactive way, Clockodo deciphers a way to let everybody know what you have done and what you are working on, so that there are no confusions. Apart from this, Clockodo uses a noninvasive way for bosses to check task status, performance and team division for these tasks.

Clockodo requires that users working on a project have an account to log in. They can log in from their home, from their workplace or wherever they have a computer and internet. If an employee isn’t working with the company anymore, you are also able to disable privileged access to the companie’s records and bills with the click of a button. Recording timers are available online if the users download the desktop or the virtual version. This a handy tool for users to record on every task they carry out and will let you know that they are working, or that they worked a certain amount of hours, which means that they have to provide what they’ve been working on.

Users who prefer to use their smartphones can easily run the timer as an application, which will send the information over the internet, wherever they are. What else can you do when you time your employees? You can have that information put into reports in order to see which projects give you more profit and which don’t. Your companies’ information will be safe and you can basically choose who sees it and who doesn’t. If you’re not satisfied with Clockodo, you can easily cancel at anytime without any questions because there is no yearly contract, just month-to-month payments.

If you would like to try Clockodo out, you can have a free trial for thirty days. For this free trial, there are no questions asked or any obligations. Signing up takes less than a minute and you are not providing any credit card information up front. After your free trial ends, you will be automatically billed before you can access your information the next month. Online payments can be made safely through PayPal, so you know that your information will be safe.

Whether you’re a single employee working to manage your own time, or a team leader who needs to put the right people to work on the right tasks, you can use Clockodo for personal or for company purposes. If your computer breaks down, you have no problems because the system saves the information on your computer and online. Just perform regular backups and the application will keep your information safe from third party applications.

As for the pricing, people who want to use it for personal use will only be paying eight dollars a month, this will include all the features discussed as well as many others on their website. If you’re working as a team, one person will be paying eight dollars and the rest of the co-workers will be paying five dollars extra. Remember that this application works from Android and Apple as well as your desktop, so you have many ways to use it and implement it. If you have employees around the world, the application is available to them in their own language and time zones, which will make your job easier than ever.

Clockodo – Online Time Tracking Tool