swirly_logoWith the resurgence of Android phones, there comes a vast variety of games for refreshment and entertainment. There are different types of games available from Arcade to Action to Casino games, and the list is long. Whichever category of the game, the purpose remains the same entertainment and refreshment. Playing games on your Android/iPhone not only opens up your mind but also trains you on how to get solutions to impending problems. You also decide which step next as it is determined by the previous step you took. Swirly is among the most trending Android games that you can get on Google Play store. The game is developed by Creamsoft.

In Swirly, you need to select and hit colors and shapes. It is an arcade game in which there is a rotating wheel on which the player deals with several shapes like triangle, candies and squares each with different colors. There are also farm animals on the roof which you should save from falling or by matching the colors. I, particularly, liked the free summertime stage where I played with the beach toys. The sounds of the ocean will help you relax.

The game is a bit tricky as you are required to save animals, match colors or match shapes for you to earn gems. The gems are the ones to gain you access to the next level. The speed of the wheels changes over time and as such it is even harder to match the shapes and color. In Swirly, you need to be extra fast and careful.

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The game is addictive especially because of the geometry backgrounds with beautiful colors and shapes. The eye and ears enjoy because of the pleasant sight and sound associated with this arcade game. Swirly is a game that guarantees you several hours of entertainment with its two gaming modes, free play, and story mode. The game is easy but hard with simple rules. Follow them and have fun. Install now. The game will help you improve your focusing abilities, reflexes and observation strengths. Swirly is an arcade game looking simple but not necessarily easy. Take the tour!

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