Most of the latest smartphones and tablets come with a GPS location tracking enabling us to share our location with other people. The location sharing apps not only do they exactly tell us where we are, but also perform important things based on the location. Most of these apps give you total control of privacy settings so that you can customize exactly what you do and whom you want to share to.

Four square’s swam

Foursquare was initial innovated location aware app. It helped in spreading the idea of checking in’ to locations using your mobile phone. Recently, it has undergone a lot of changes to releasing a newer app; swarm. The app contains social networking components and does well to those addicted in checking in’. Users can enter their favorite foods and activities and the app helps them locate nearby places that match the bill.


Gympse helps you share location in limited amounts with particular users or Facebook friends. It is a simple idea that enables individuals to share exact locations in very short time frames. In addition you can share real time locations, approximated arrival times and travel speeds through email, text or even social networks. In fact you can install the app and start sharing immediately without signing in or creating profiles.

Life 360

It is an app for parents who want to know where their kids or family members are. It allows users to create customizable circles comprising of family members, friends and colleagues and then share their location to other circle members. Life 360 features a messaging app, check in notification system and also a panic button to text other users your location.


This is an app that does not depend on check-ins but shows you the exact location and what is in your area like bars and restaurants. It gathers information from the nearest cellular towers to measure the distance from your friends. It features real-time messaging, photo posting and even tags that link you with the real world. You can also share your location on social media platforms.

Rally up

The app is designed as a social network assigned only to real friends. This network highly emphasis on privacy. It enables you to alert friends that you are on your way to a certain location. Your real friends will get a notification letting them know you are on your way or you have arrived. It also allows you to post on Facebook and send group messages with location data.


Google+ allows you to share location with specific circles. To share the location, you need to send a request to that user through the app. After the two of you agree, you will be able to see each other through the app.

Cozi family locator

This is a simple, clean and spontaneous app which is a great way to open up on each other. The design outlays three buttons at all time: Check-in, emergency and the message button. Its map can identify nearby places such as hospitals and police stations. The message feature allows communication and performs well on a number of platforms. It also allows extra mobile and web applications.


To wrap up, is the gowalla app which is similar to foursquare. The extra feature is that allows photo integration and allows you to comment on your friend’s locations. The gowalla app has a trip feature where organizations like USA Today and CNN money creates trips that guide you to various spots with recommendation on where to check in.

Sharing location with your friends can be fun. The are many location sharing apps out there to choose from even if you are concerned with privacy or want to share location with the whole world.