The About Us page is a regularly overlooked marketing opportunity. Some businesses will only include the most basic information, such as their company name, contact information, and a one-line description. An un-optimized About Us page can feel like an unnecessary filler page rather than contributing to your marketing strategy.

To actively get the most out of your About Us page, make sure the content and design entice a potential customer to make a purchase.

Display Your Brand Goal

Brand objectives are a component of a larger branding strategy that shapes your company’s identity. They can reveal your intentions, plans, and target audience. For instance, your company could be a woman-owned and run business that wants to make products for and by women. Similarly, you can concentrate on using innovative ideas and technologies to propel traditional industries forward. Branding can be the only thing that separates you from the competition in highly competitive markets.

Include the Company’s Formation and History

Company histories, like brand goals, are a great way to demonstrate how far you’ve come since founding a company. However, you are not required to include every detail of your company’s history. Instead, you should select the most important elements that contribute to your branding.

Introduce Some Important People

Instead of implying that you have experts and experienced teams, introduce them! Have short bios with their names, titles, and accomplishments. Instead of generally claiming to work with experts, you can showcase your team and their abilities.

Make a Separate Contact Page

Some websites include all company information on their About Us pages, including contact information. However, this may cause issues with user intent.

People looking for contact information are not interested in learning about your company or its employees. More importantly, when people look for your contact information, they are most likely looking to inquire or find your store address. Don’t make it difficult for them to find this information.

Remember to Include Calls to Action

You want you’re About Us page to contribute to the customer journey once more. After establishing trust with your content, include Calls-To-Action (CTAs) to direct people to the next step.

Final Thoughts

A good About Us page contains impressive information that helps your brand’s reputation and marketing.