For speed, security, and simplicity, Google Chrome is the best browser. Hence, it is currently the world’s most popular browser with over 2 billion users. 

Chrome integrates well with other Google services, which makes it one of its biggest strengths. Extending your browser’s functionality via extensions is one of the many ways you can do so. Chrome extensions are small scripts that you install on your browser to carry out various tasks. There are hundreds of thousands of them available today, which makes choosing the right one for your browser somewhat tricky. Google itself creates many of these extensions.

The majority of extensions are, however, created by third parties around the world for different purposes. Extensions enhance your web surfing experience by adding new features to your browser.

Grammarly: Best Chrome Extension for Marketers & Freelancers

Authors, advertisers, business visionaries, and other people who oversee content generally work with composed content. For your site or online entertainment pages, either compose something yourself or get another person to compose it. In any case, even after you compose, your task isn’t finished.

Assuming you need your article to be immaculate, you need to edit it. Regardless of how great you are at composing and how well you control language structure, now and again you are as yet responsible to commit errors. A few articles and relational words might be missed. Grammarly can help! I love it.

You have some control over linguistic mistakes while composing blog entries or web-based entertainment posts utilizing Grammarly’s Chrome augmentation. Whenever you compose your substance utilizing this instrument, you can edit it while you’re working.

And then some. It’s an absolute necessity to have Google Chrome augmentation for everybody working on the web. That carries us to the following competitor here locally available

Bitly –  Shorten links for social media

Bitly is a chrome augmentation that is ideal for web-based entertainment advertising and content makers. It makes especially, abbreviated joins for sites, youtube channels, and even Instagram posts, saving money on character restrictions so you can compose better suggestions to take action to drive commitment and traffic. Likewise incredible for anybody needs to share joins in courier applications without duplicating and glueing a mass of text

If you don’t utilize a bookmark director then you should begin utilizing it for the most extreme efficiency. is a one-stop bookmark supervisor that permits you to save anything from photographs to joins, cut articles, PDFs, pages, and that are just the beginning. You can flawlessly arrange every one of your bookmarks with labels and sort them in light of numerous boundaries.

The entire data set is accessible as well. Also, upholds synchronizing as well so you can get to every one of your bookmarks on your cell phone as well


Sometimes to become productive all you need is a constant reminder and motivation that you need to work. Momentum is an extension that helps in creating a configurable new tab, which gives you a moment of calm and inspires you to be more productive. The extension automatically updates the new tab’s background with a new soothing picture and an inspiring quote every day. It also allows you to add your daily focus and to-dos which are also visible on the new tab. It’s the best way to remind you of what needs to be done


The Semrush is one of the latest and greatest Chrome extensions offering a broad range dashboard of all essential tools that helps the overall performance of the corresponding domain and the landing page. You can analyze the backlinks effectively and can keep track of your results. Also, the on-page SEO provides you with the best and most unique targeted strategies that drive results.


Moz powers it. It’s an exceptional tool that allows you to view and analyze web page analytics within seconds while on your browser. As said, it’s the best tool and an essential tool for SEO. It helps you in your SEO research purpose. You can get the page authority and domain authority of a website, gives you the relevant keywords and helps you in analyzing competition, and allows you to analyze the nature of backlinks.