Six Must Have Travel Apps For Planning a Trip

Planning for a trip can sometimes be a daunting experience. Hours can be spent on researching and planning. Thankfully, there are apps for travels that can make things much easier and your overall traveling experience more enjoyable. While there are tons of apps available, we have narrowed it down to six must-have travel apps. Each app below is available on both iPhones and Android phones.



This application provides weather reports for over two million locations throughout the world. Detailed reports from the humidity to even the atmospheric pressure are included. This is very helpful for planning a trip or activities while on the trip a week or two in advance based on the weather. If you are booking a flight or hotel well before two weeks, you can even use the app to gather monthly weather averages to get an idea of what the weather will be like. The app costs $0.99 for Android phones and $2.99 for iPhones.

FlightTrack 5

FlightTrack 5 updates you on flight departures, delays, and cancellations. This way you can be informed in advance and change your travel plans if necessary. FlightTrack 5 has a user-friendly interface and includes a detailed map that allows the user to zoom in and out. The app costs $4.99 at either Google or Apple online stores.



You can find hotel deals and reviews using the Expedia app. The reviews are provided by verified guests only so you know they are authentic. You can sort the hotels by customer ratings, prices, and deals. This app can be downloaded for free.


This is a must-have app for detailed flight information. With the Skyscanner app, millions of flights are compared covering all of the world’s top airlines. The latest flight deals are included to help you find cheap flights. It also has an easy to use interface, which adds to its popularity. This is another free app.

This app guarantees the lowest prices on car rentals. All of the major car rental companies can be searched quickly and easily. Several car rental apps are only available in the United States, but covers over six thousand locations throughout the world. It also supports thirty-two different languages and and over fifty currencies. Car rental reservations can be made in four simple steps.



The FourSquare app has millions of user reviews on all kinds of places worldwide. So whether you are looking for a restaurant to eat at or shopping mall nearby, you can pull up the app and look at the reviews to find the best place. Many of the reviews provide tip from those who have been there before. For instance, if you are visiting a restaurant, some of the reviews may let you know what is best on the menu. Another example would be informing you of the best deals at a certain business.

As you can see, each of these apps play an important role while traveling. Whether you are planning, booking, or searching for activities to do while on the trip, you are covered. Best of all, you can use them whether you have an iPhone or Android phone.