There are different seasons in a year, they have cycles, even there are cycles in a day, the Sun, the Moon, the Oceans, the Sky, nature, all have different cycles. So if they all have inherent rhythmic cycles, why not human beings? The answer is No! Like all other forms of life, humans also have 4 rhythmic cycles known as the Physical, Intellectual, Intuitive and Emotional. You might not be aware of it, but, actually our life is based on these cycles. If we work according to it, we can achieve a lot in our life. These are known as Biorhythmic cycles.

A Biorhythm is derived from the Greek root works, bios which means life and rhythmos which means a regular occurence of movement or motion. A Biorhythm is considered as the body’s holistic mathematical approach that can predict various cycles and control certain aspects of one’s life such as high performance, stamina, judgement, emotions and creativity. These are invisible waves of energy flowing within the human body and are different for every individual based on their birthdays. These energy levels begin at the moment you are born. You can calculate them very easily by just entering your birth date and the target date      (upto which you want to calculate the Biorhythm). These rhythmic cycles are displayed as values and graphs.

There are different apps which help you to track your Biorhythm quickly. But, the one which I’m going to review today is just awesome! It’s called BiorhythmΩ, which helps you to track different rhythmic cycles and displays the 4 rhythms of a user as values and graphs. All you need is to enter your correct birth date and the target date to view Biorhythms. You can change dates easily to view Biorhythms on multiple dates. For example, your birthdate is – 28/09/1992 and the target date is 06/04/2020. You will get to see the rhythmic cycles in a period of two days before and 32 days after the target date. Meaning that, the app will list Biorhythms of 31 days. You can also preview your future Biorhythms as well. The graphs displayed are sophisticated and easy to see as well! You can check multiple users’ Biorhythms at a time and calculate the average of two or more users’ Biorhythms’.

Biorhythm Ω has been developed by Jeonghwan Kim under the Lifestyle category. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch having iOS 11.0 or any later versions of the OS. The app is available in different languages and fits your pocket @ $1.99 only. You can send your Biorhythms using messages or email. Overall, I would say that Biorhythm is an amazing app to analyse the various rhythmic cycles of a person using graphs. It not only provides accurate data using formal algorithms, but also helps you to avoid any activity that can lead to a trauma.

Come and let’s begin with this unique app!

Pros: list Biorhythms of 31 days; send reports via messages or email; easy to use; sophisticated and easy to see graphs; provides accurate data; helps to avoid unreasonable activities; performance analysis; free to download.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App