Arriange_MarriageArranged Marriage?: Running to Freedom.

An infinite runner that simulates a run from a forced marriage that is not easy but is fun and colorful. Arranged Marriage? is an Android game offered by Junglee Games where your character has to runaway from their forced nuptials. Before you start playing, you have the choice to go through a tutorial to teach you the basics of this particular infinite running game. This is an important step for the player because it makes the player learn as they play. The basic obstacles are laid out for the player forcing them to move their character. If they should fail escaping an obstacle, their arranged marriage catches up to them. In the tutorial section you cannot earn coins yet. This means if the player does not learn how to play right away, they will continue to lose with not benefits.

There are several aspects of the Arranged Marriage game that are worthy of note: the mission statement, game-play, scenery, and music. The mission statement for the game is under the “Story” part of the menu. A very straight forward opinion about arranged marriage and it’s want to teach younger players that consent is more important. The menu is very easy to navigate. Here you can choose your runner, see your available gold coins, upgrade your power ups and character, check the story, and, of course, start your run. Arranged Marriage game is an easy game to understand the basics of, but like all good games, it increases in difficultly as you continue playing. Game play is straight-forward: you run and run and run and dodge all number of obstacles trying to find love and not have your consent taken away from you and be forced into an arranged marriage. You have to dodge cows, monkey pillars that spit flames, cars, and other structures in order to continue running. The dowry is one of the more important obstacles that your character needs to avoid to survive and keep running in Arranged Marriage game

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You are not just constantly trying to dodge your ill fate but can obtain coins and power ups. Power ups are obtained by running into them while on the course. So far, there are four power ups which will all optimize your game play. You can even ride a horse on your way to freedom. With coins you can upgrade your power ups, and if you are really diligent you can buy a new character that gives you extra lives.

The scenery and music give the Arranged Marriage game is a unique touch. The “desi” style is prominent through out the game, from the backgrounds and soundtrack to the very obstacles you have to avoid. Your arranged husband/wife runs after you dressed in traditional wedding garb, while your character has pants and running shoes. The warm colors permeating the landscape give the player a sense of danger while also reminding them it is fun. Arranged Marriage game is a unique infinite runner showcasing an important cultural issue but in a fun way. The bright warm colors, cute graphics, and catchy music are all working together to give an entertaining experience for the player.

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