Reasons to Choose Android App Development as a Career Option 

Currently, Android App development has become the most popular career option that most young people are opting for. This is mostly attributed to the fact that many people are now using Android devices and consequently Android Development has become more relevant in the IT sector. However, before you delve into what a career in Android development entails, it is important that you first understand what Android is.

Android can be defined as an open source OS (operating system) for computer tablets, smart phones and mobile phones with touch-capabilities as well. Launched in 2007 by Google, Android has become a platform that most people prefer for mobile development purposes. Each and every Android App differs from the other and also requires the relevant expertise to develop.

Required Technical &Non-Technical Skills

If you are considering a career in Android App development, you should equip yourself with basic skills in Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Java and Plug-ins. You should also be able to work independently on the APIs. These are just technical skills, but above all you need to be passionate, analytical and logical in your approach too.

Why Choose Android as your carrer

ü Open Source Platform

Being an open source means that developers can easily build Android Apps of their choice with utmost ease. Basically, anyone who has time and can put effort into it can learn about Android technology and then use it to develop an app and launch it for free.

ü Good Online Support

The number of communities that mostly focus on Android technology online are many. Through such forums, you will get excellent support as a developer enabling you to create Android apps with great ease. This way you can learn and know more about this field.

ü Higher Remuneration

This is definitely a plus because by just creating an average app, you can earn high revenue as a developer. You will benefit more especially if you develop a popular app that users like.

ü Opportunities to Excel

Smartphone users are increasing at a faster rate all over the world and therefore the demand for Android App Developers is on the rise. Many businesses also want to interact with their customers so as to gain visibility and popularize their brands through such Apps. Here is where your expertise as an Android developer comes in handy and you can become popular by creating user-friendly and outstanding apps.

Career Scope

This is not only a rewarding career path you can opt for but it is interesting too. This is a platform that is used to create many applications for entertainment, gaming, industrial and many other businesses. All these sectors need an app that can work flawlessly on mobile devices.

The opportunities are just endless and you can either work for a given company as a developer, a coder, a software engineer, a programmer, a mobile marketer, a support system staff or as a mobile UI & UX designer. Alternatively, you can work independently as a freelancer. However, bear in mind that you will only succeed and be the best at it if you are passionate and efficient.


Android App Development is definitely an in-thing today with many young people venturing into this field. The knowledge one gains and the experience it comes with is greatly enriching and fun too. However, if you decide to pursue it as your career work hard to learn and gain some experience. Most employers today want technical candidates who are also good communicators, posses time-management skills and also have a team spirit.