Looking for an app to help you unblock games, restricted content, blocked sites, encrypt your private data, surf fast, and prevent monitoring by third parties? Your search is over since Rocket VPN is the solution. This is a free VPN that enables you to encrypt your mobile data, surf fast and prevents monitoring by third parties. It can be used on iPhone or iPad. It helps one to be anonymous by not being tracked on all networks including Wi-Fi. Rocket VPN version 1.31 has a widget that makes use of Rocket VPN easier.

You can add it to the search screen with just a tap

Concept : It was released by an android app and can be obtained in the online store. It is a popular android app and is often used as a storage tool

Visuals : The users have a good accessibility and a clean interface. The visuals help in structuring the files within the storage space. It also aids in sharing information and files.

User Interface : It can be used in SD cards and smartphones. This helps in accessing programs. It is often updated by the development team hence different from the original version. The file is about 3mb and loads very easily.

User Experience : There is always a positive review from android fans that uses this app. The users say that the app is good and awesome. The app has a star rating of 5.Advantages of using Rocket VPN It helps to access blocked sites- helps to access restricted geographical data Helps to access surf securely-one can browse the internet from Rocket VPN. The rocket browser protects its surfers. Helps in securing your connection- you can protect your information by protecting your data. Helps to protect your identity- one can become anonymous hence preventing third parties from accessing your location and identity. Helps in the fast launching of apps- one can create shortcuts for opening an app hence connecting your preferred location.

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