nc_twitter_iconThe vast majority of us are likely on Twitter, and get ourselves dependent on looking at courses of events and notice as much as any other individual. Rather than unlocking your telephone and discover your application of decision constantly, you ought to have a gadget like NC.

NC is a Twitter widget that permits you to check your course of events and says right from the Notification Center. It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re review from the lock screen or from whatever other perspective on your gadget, it’s available and there for you to see.

This implies in the event that you are in one application and would prefer not to stop it altogether, yet need to check something on Twitter genuine quick, basically pull down your Notification Center tab and begin looking your food. The gadget even takes into account the capacity to most loved a tweet, re-tweets, or open the tweet in the default Twitter application, Tweet-bot, or Twit-terrific.

It’s just as simple as that, with the capacity to get Twitter data in a minute’s notification, we consider NC to be being an awesome device to add to your munitions stockpile. Download it and see with your own eyes if that is the situation: commonly four or five tweets on an iPhone 6 screen.

Nonetheless, that can be sufficient in the event that you simply require a brisk fix of what’s going on. Besides you have the choice of just demonstrating tweets that say you, so now those four or five are a decent make up for lost time with what individuals are stating to your face.

Pleasantly, on our test iPhone, it has a setting in the primary NC application to say whether that implies opening the tweet in the official Twitter application, or in Twit-terrific. Less pleasantly, we don’t happen to have the official Twitter application, and NC battles with this: it throws up a hazy mistake message about URL settings.

There’s additionally a kind of bug, in that these controls show up on a dark band that conceals the tweet you’re perusing, and in the event that you tap on another tweet, you anticipate that the band will move to that, and it doesn’t.

Rather you now have two dark groups, or three, or four, or five. You need to decidedly tap to UN-check a tweet.

This will be to do with impediments with i OS 8 and the Notification Center, the same constraint that implies the most clear instrument for Twitter clients is lost from NC, and likely dependably will be: you can’t compose a tweet in it. You likewise can’t remark on a tweet you’re re-tweeting – you can’t enter any content by any stretch of the imagination.

Who is NC Twitter Widget for Notification Center for?

Easygoing Twitter clients, or ones who require their tweets to be close within reach.

Who is NC Twitter Widget for Notification Center not for?

Heavy-obligation Twitter clients, and particularly ones who run numerous records in the meantime.


Twitter is an endless waterfall of news, absolutely arbitrary data and absolutely spurious remarks: you can’t stay aware of everything, and everything changes from minute to minute as well. NC Twitter Widget for Notification Center 1.1 can’t stop the stream, yet it can let you rapidly see the most recent few tweets some time recently, pretty much as fast, giving you a chance to back into genuine living. It’s an i OS 8 Notification Center thing, which implies you can see Twitter whenever by simply swiping down from the highest point of your screen.

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