Many experts say that social media is for connecting with people, and not for earning money, but at some point, you’re going to want to leverage the connections you develop for money making. If you’ve built up enough trust with your followers, they’ll be more inclined to check out your intentions and the ideas you share.

With quality ways you can make money on social media. Indeed you can promote affiliate products. The most honest effective way of promoting affiliate products is through reviews. So write a long-form review on your blog, and share why you like the product.

When it comes to making money from blogging and social media, the sky is the limit. For many users, this is primarily literally their full-time job, offering them the freedom and independence to work for themselves with a comfortable salary.


Instagrammers with over 75,000 followers could be taking home over high amounts of dollars a year. That’s a crazy amount of money for doing something you already do all the time anyway, right?

One of the most general ways to make money with social media, particularly on channels like Instagram, YouTube and blogs is by seriously promoting brands or their products. You have apps out there which make it really easy for you to do this, and here are two of the best respectively as

TRIBE Influencer

On this app the focus is on the best quality of the content rather than the number of your followers. You select from a selection of briefs, which will actually outline apt kind of post the brand is searching for and any things they want included such as a hashtag or discount code. You develop the post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and set your price and submit it for approval.


This app is specifically designed for promoting on Instagram. All you require is a public profile, over 50 posts and at least 1,000 followers to get started. In fact, according to Instagram influencer app Takumi, with just 1,000 followers you could be making huge amount of dollars a year by posting twice a week.

Finally Social media is quite a lucrative business if people know how to play it right and you’re actually prepared to put in the effort. You might even become rich person instantly.