User experience design UX is a familiar business buzzword right now. UX designers take professional approach to developing a new product or service, strongly focusing on the way they’re used rather than just how they look.

It wholly designs the user experience from beginning to end, and qualitatively encompasses all customer touch points in between. With any new project your business takes on there is always a certain amount of risk. But since UX design and design thinking are immensely focussed on research, analysis and testing, you’re immediately setting yourself up for success.


It is an essential step in the UX design process. They are mock up version of your final product, which is then primarily used for user testing before a product launch. Their main goal is to reduce the level of money that can often occur when proper testing has not been carried out on a product prior to original launch.

More importantly the majority of the time only around 20% of bugs spotted within a product is actual problems. While the rest are usability issues – most of which could have been solved in an initial prototyping stage which is actually core aspect of UX design.

Thus making it as simple as possible for your user to interact with your website or app is a key part of UX design. You want your passionate users to be able to find what it was they were searching for.

It is illustrated that quality UX design can result in healthy SEO rankings. More seen Google themselves actively promote great user experience in their search results. They actually offer users with the best answer to their questions as quickly as possible by serving up the most apt information first. They primarily increase your brand loyalty with UX design. Also it is key in building trust in your brand, product or service and establishing a longstanding relationship with your target customers.

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