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Chicken Boy produced by Funtomic games follows the story of an overweight superhero named “Chicken Boy” and his chick sidekicks. In the introduction of each world (which are each comprised of 15 levels each) Chicken Boy is running from multiple villains and the land breaks beneath him separating our hero from his precious chicks. This is the premise for the entire game, Chicken Boy now has to protect his chicks while being separated from them by a chasm. All our hero has to protect his chicks are various fruits and a bat.

In the first world you are given a brief tutorial about how to hit the villains (in each world these villains change and include monsters, animals, dinosaurs, aliens, ghosts, and of course robots). In order to hit the villains you must hold your finger on the screen where you would like to aim and wait for the circular meter to raise to your desired velocity and let go. Depending on the villain some are harder to defeat than others, some fly, some move quickly, and some just require repeated hits before succumbing.

While the game pretty much stays the same through each world you traverse, the difficulty continues to increase. You are also given the opportunity to earn gold in order to upgrade your fruit, as well as your characters. This is where for the game makers chose to introduce in-app purposes for those among us who would rather pay to get ahead rather than work for it.

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Either way the difficulty of Chicken Boy is not so much that it makes it no fun to play, but just enough that it can definitely be a challenge at times. While the description the game makers gave it as “the most addictive game ever” may be a bit of an exaggeration, Chicken Boy has the potential to assist in your procrastination.

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