Amidst working harder and working smarter, it is better to go for the latter. While both methods make you a better performer, working smarter gives you an upper edge in time management and striking back after an apparent loss or a failure at work. Also, smart working requires you to be disciplined and balance your work and life efficiently because they help you increase your productivity and sharpen your presence of mind. 

And being prepared and revved up for boosting your work output demands some form of recharging and energy-boosting for your mind and body. To cover it for you, our list below will provide you with 10-simple and easy to abide by ways to power up for productivity and get better results in your performance. 

1.      Begin with a functional routine. 

The first step to being productive is realizing your goal and purpose and designing a suitable routine to work upon it. A schedule created by you with your requirements and daily necessities in mind helps you keep track of your target and guide you throughout the day towards fulfilling it. As long as you have a smart routine with you, it will make you more productive by refraining you from deviating from your path.  

2.      Get rid of your procrastination habit. 

Procrastination is a killer and targets your skills, career, and productivity. Getting rid of it should be your next step. Practice breaking up your task into small and easily conquerable bits and focus on only one part at a time to reduce your procrastination habit. Also, by monitoring your time and work accomplished, you can become more productive regularly.  

3.      Stop fussing over being perfect from every angle. 

Trying to achieve perfectionism is a sure way to destroy your mental health and deflate your life and work productivity. It causes depression, anxiety and makes a person prone to irritation and early burnout. Instead, keep yourself surrounded by uplifting messages and treat yourself after every small achievement to inculcate self-love. It helps you be more productive and work efficiently towards your ambition.  

4.      Put the micro-distracting elements away. 

We live in a world where every small detail and element is one step away from distracting us. Shut off your notifications, unplug and put away the distracting electronic devices, and compel yourself to sit through your work. It will erase any chance of your distractions and allow you to power up for productive work.  

5.      Create your productivity playlist. 

Music soothes the soul and recharges the mind. Compile a playlist of inspirational music and songs that energize your body and compel you to get down to do something and play it on shuffle while you’re beginning to work. The effect of this small magic spell will be visible sooner than you think.  

6.      Set your self-imposed deadline. 

If there’s a task you have to submit by tonight, try getting it done a day before or by the morning itself. Your self-imposed deadline allows you to not only finish your work before time, but it also gives you a chance to properly revise and make any changes or corrections in it, if required.  

7.      Don’t be shy and ask for help. 

Let’s be honest, how many of us pay attention to our drawbacks and ask for help in a sticky situation? Very few of us. But for increasing our productivity, it is important to realize where we’re lagging behind and ultimately become humble and ask for help from someone experienced. It prevents the build-up of unnecessary frustration, time wastage, and ruining of our energy and resources.  

8.      Improvise your work environment. 

Your work environment and the desk where you sit while working have a huge impact on your output. A messy working table compiled in the corner of the room will make you repel it and subsequently give you reasons to run away from your work. That’s why as a power-up in your productivity, keep your work surrounding tidy, airy, and open for you to feel comfortable in sitting and working there.  

9.      Pay attention to your mind and body. 

It is never advisable to ignore the warning signals from your mind and body during your work. If your body isn’t catching up with your schedule, plan something different to reduce the workload. Similarly, if your mind isn’t adjusting well in the routine and is getting immediately distressed, prioritize finding the flaw or reason behind it and try to fix it before driving back to work.  

10.  Don’t forget to take breaks. 

Relaxing once in a while and treating yourself at regular intervals is important for maintaining the balance between work and your life and being productive constantly at work. Don’t forget to get ample rest to restore your energy and freshen up your mind and body, because we all know after working hard regularly you deserve a good and soothing break. It is hard-earned like your success, and you shouldn’t sleep on it. 


Many companies like breakout escape rooms, educational institutes, the fashion industry, music labels, and corporations have inculcated the habit of having power-ups to increase their creativity and get better results in their business performance. You can also achieve anything and be successful if you know how to be productive. So, go ahead and utilize these efficiency tips to your fullest and see the gradual and beneficial results for yourself in your life and work.