Though sometimes I do feel like I’ve experienced the best Guest posting that the top apps review sites has to offer, I can’t assist but always be on the search out for new guest blogging to different sites that may surprise up. It is well known fact that Guest posting or guest blogging is one of the most important off-site SEO strategies.

Thereby publishing content to another site could bring more attention to your website, organization, and products. You really get some promotion from a high-traffic website with more number of regular readers. Similarly getting backlinks from reputable sites also immensely boosts your domain authority, a key ranking factor for search engines.

Guest posts major advantages

  • Golden opportunity to publish content from other industry and niche experts.
  • You can offer your audience with a different perspective.
  • You can strongly build a relationship with other reputable sites and firms.
  • You can also reduce the content you have to develop for your blog.

Key tips to develop a streamlined and screening process

Have a Vivid Guest Post Guideline

It is enumerated that screening guest posts could be a lot of work, but it’s only the first step to publishing guest posts. Moreover you still need to review, edit, and reformat them before they actually go live on your blog. Thereby restricting possible unwanted content from the start should assist to reduce the emails and quality submissions you have to go through.

You can ask for Title and Outline Pitches

Generally the manuscripts could range from 500-3000 words. They not only take so much time for authors to write, in addition it’s a lot for you to read through. One way to make it simple for both parties is to only permit title and outline pitches. This would permit you to look at the vital parts of the pitch without going through the whole 1000-word manuscript. In most situations, the title and summary are generally enough to offer you an idea of what the exact content would be.

Try to Use Online Forms

Most of the hosts prefer that submissions which are directly emailed to their editors. Thereby using forms can make it simpler to sort data that are being submitted. Moreover you can ask people to submit the title, summary, and outline along with attached manuscript. Later then, you and your editors could just look through the titles and pick out unwanted content.

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