vegas_slotThe Old Win Downtown casino refers to an iPhone gaming app that brings the old school casino to a new era of casino gambling, where you can be able to place bets and even have spinning reels which can enable you to get plenty of rewards. You also get an opportunity to try out the fortune wheel that just resembles the old school one. There are also retro slot machines that resemble the true casino, where there are sound effects just like those of real coins, equipped with three reels that resemble the classic machines, a ball ended handle for pulling, as well as rhythms and siren alarms with lights that will begin to sound once the coins start falling.


The Old Win Downtown casino gaming app for iPhone and other iOS devices comes equipped with a variety of features that make it an awesome game for anyone who loves casino and gambling games, and especially the classic version. These features are such as;

  • Classic version of reel slot machines: It comes equipped with the classic view of the reel slot machines, making it look very realistic.
  • Old school or classical sound effects as well as symbols that make it sound just like the realistic old casino.
  • Ability to play anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection: You can be able to play it anytime or anywhere you want even without any internet connection
  • Very little storage use: You do not have to worry about the storage use of the app in your device as it uses very low storage use.

How it Works

The Old Win Downtown casino game is a great gaming app for your iPhone, especially if you are a fan of classical casino games and gambling. In order to play the game effectively, you need to know the slots that you can be able to play and how to place your bets, such that you can be able to place the correct bets in the game. When the slots match, you win the bet. You can also play the fortune wheel where you simply need to spin, and you can win whenever the symbols match or on a winning combination.


  • Ability to play the game either with an internet connection or without anywhere or anytime.
  • Classical view, just like the old and realistic casino game where you bet and play to win.
  • Free for download and install.
  • Consumes very little memory on your smartphone or iOS device upon installation, so you do not have to worry at all about the storage space.


  • Only available to iPhone or iPad devices running on iOS 7.0 or later
  • Playing it can be a bit complicated if you are not familiar with casino games


The Oldwin Downtown casino game is one of the latest iPhone gaming apps integrated with the old classical casino gaming to bring the experience to the new gaming era, so that you can actually feel like the real casino, where you play slot machines reels just like the real Vegas casinos view, and even get to spin a fortune wheel to try your luck with a winning combination. Try it today if you are a fan of casinos and you will surely love it!

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